What Is ACHC Accredidation? How Kantime Software Became ACHC Certified And Why It Matters

March 28, 2024

In the realm of healthcare software solutions, achieving accreditation is a significant milestone. KanTime has recently been awarded the prestigious ACHC accreditation for its Home Health, Home Care, Hospice, and Palliative software.

Let’s delve into what ACHC accreditation signifies, how KanTime secured this recognition, and why it holds immense importance in the healthcare industry.

What is ACHC?

ACHC, or Accreditation Commission for Health Care, functions as a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting quality, value, and optimal outcomes in the healthcare industry. Established with the mission to provide a collaborative and consultative approach to accreditation, ACHC emphasizes comprehensive and relevant standards designed to reflect the highest quality of care and organizational performance.

What it Means to Earn ACHC Accreditation

Earning ACHC accreditation as an organization helps establish a standard of quality in the field of healthcare. The recent accreditation from ACHC is a testament to KanTime’s enduring dedication to delivering top-tier software solutions in home health, home care, hospice, and palliative care settings. This endorsement illustrates that KanTime has not only met but exceeded the stringent criteria set by ACHC, solidifying its position as a trusted and reliable partner for healthcare organizations seeking comprehensive, industry-leading software solutions.

To earn this certification, KanTime completed a rigorous platform audit which included an evaluation of KanTime’s ability to comply with ACHC’s strict standards for administration, operations, fiscal management, human resources, provision of care, QAPI, and risk management.

Why ACHC Accreditation Matters

With new healthcare technology systems emerging every day, it’s important for agencies to evaluate their options and prioritize high-quality solutions. Opting for an ACHC accredited organization gives healthcare agencies peace of mind knowing that they’ve chosen a safe, certified, top-tier solution. Here are some key advantages that agencies can anticipate when collaborating with an ACHC accredited company:

Enhanced Quality of Care: ACHC accreditation underscores an organization’s commitment to providing exceptional quality care and services to patients.

Regulatory Compliance: Being ACHC accredited demonstrates adherence to rigorous industry standards and regulations, ensuring compliance with the highest benchmarks.

Operational Excellence: ACHC accreditation is a testament to an organization’s dedication to operational efficiency and effectiveness, leading to improved organizational performance and outcomes.

Industry Recognition: ACHC accreditation serves as a badge of honor within the healthcare industry, distinguishing accredited organizations as leaders in providing superior healthcare services.

KanTime’s Commitment to Excellence

KanTime’s dedication to meeting and exceeding ACHC accreditation standards solidifies its position as an industry leader, showcasing its dedication to providing superior software solutions for the healthcare industry. Agencies considering or currently using KanTime Home Health, Home Care, Hospice, or Palliative software solutions can feel confident knowing that they are operating at the highest level of healthcare technology quality. With this certification, KanTime continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the healthcare technology sector, redefining standards and driving innovation in the field.

To learn more about how KanTime achieved ACHC certification and the importance of partnering with an ACHC accredited organization, please contact our team.

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