Quality Assurance in care

With the adoption of pay-for-performance and evidence-based medicine, your agency needs a system that promotes quality assurance in care and the best possible patient outcomes. Quality matters – and KanTime helps deliver.

quality assurance in healthcare

Raising the Bar with Quality Assurance Software Solutions

Our web-based system helps your team streamline the QA process and deliver compliance-driven reviews of all agency documentation to assist your business in maintaining regulatory compliance. Experience what is possible for your agency with KanTime.

Quality Care Starts with KanTime

Eliminate Handwritten Notes

Eliminate Handwritten Notes

With KanTime, collecting and deciphering handwritten clinician notes are a thing of the past. Your staff can write and access their detailed notes for review all within our web-based system.

Communication Across Teams

Communication Across Teams

Streamline communication across departments through the system’s intuitive dashboard and alert capabilities that guarantee no note goes unseen.

Advanced Permission Controls

Advanced Permission Controls

Our Sticky Note feature is permission-driven – allowing your team to take control of who should be involved in the QA process.

Instant Visibility

Instant Visibility

Our robust correction process features ensure all notes will be seen and handled appropriately and in a timely manner.

Meet rising expectations and improve patient comfort, care, and clinical outcomes with our strong quality assurance tools.

  • Automatically set agency-wide policies and rest assured knowing your team is performing the required level of QA reviews on your submitted notes.
  • Utilize the Field Chart Dashboard to easily track the entire QA review process.

Streamline the correction process and never lose track of deficient notes. When you send a note back for correction, the system will immediately send a notification to the responsible clinician’s dashboard.

  • Enable the Office Communication flag to send a message to the clinician with a hyperlink for quick access to the note or order.
  • Our “Sent for Correction” queue ensures all notes will be seen and handled appropriately and in a timely manner.

It’s all about the details. Use Sticky Notes to optimize the communication process within your agency and ensure that no question, comment, or concern goes unnoticed.

  • Add or respond to a comment in a specific section of a note to communicate with QA, coding, or a specific clinician.
  • Get notified anytime a Sticky Note has been made to your respective dashboard.  

Enable Auto QA to allow automatic approval of all assessments and visit notes if minimum mandatory fields are set up.

  • Set auto QA to a specific percentage of notes and exclude specific caregivers or clinicians as required or as part of the onboarding process.
  • All other documentation that meets minimum requirements can be auto-approved at your set designated percentage.

Realize the consistent revenue enhancements and cost reductions from proper clinical when contracting third-party services.

  • Never lose track of assessments that require coding review and completion with our Third-Party Coder tool.
  • Third-party coding frees up valuable team members for other important tasks, and our system ensures the process is as seamless as possible.
Ideal Home Health

“There are so many things I love about this software. Clinical documentation and evaluation of services is exceptional. From a back office point of view reviewing quality of services within the software is easy and accurate.”

Kristi K.

Ideal Home Health


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