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The healthcare industry is ever evolving – with changing rules and regulations forcing agencies to shift processes to stay in compliance. Learn from our experts and keep your agency up to date with all things post-acute care and home health technology by exploring our available resources.

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What is Hospice Software?

The hospice landscape is unique, and your agency needs the right solution to help you manage the complexities of patient needs, interdisciplinary care teams, back-office, and regulatory requirements. KanTime provides an innovative and intelligent solution that helps you optimize and streamline all aspects of your hospice agency while staying in complete compliance. In this infosheet, […]

Info Sheet

KanTime Palliative Care Software

  In this infosheet, we address the benefits and features of KanTime’s Palliative Care software. Also, check out our KanTime Table Talk about Palliative Care. If you would like to learn more about palliative care, visit our website or request a demo today!      


2021 Hospice Care Trends: A Year In Review

Download this ebook to learn about the 2021 Hospice Care Trends!


Key Takeaways from the 2022 Hospice Proposed Rule Webinar

KanTime, Healthcare Provider Solutions (HPS), and Waystar hosted a webinar last week about the 2022 Hospice Proposed Rule.   Below is a summary of the new updates and changes included in the 2022 Hospice Proposed Rule. If you would like to watch the full webinar you can click here. Key Takeaways  During the webinar, Melinda Gaboury, […]


What is the Meaning of Deprescribing?

Wise Hospice Options and KanTime Healthcare Software teamed up together to discuss the meaning of deprescribing and why it’s important. They also discussed some goals to reduce medication intake, what medications are not recommended for elderly patients, and best practices.  Below is a summary of the webinar. However, if you would like to watch the […]


The Recent Crack-Down on For-Profit Hospice Organizations

Medicare Hospice spending has seen an exponential increase over recent years, particularly in the for-profit sector. For-profit hospice organizations have also increased—primarily in for-profit hospices, which accounted for over 63 percent of total hospice provision upsurges within the nation. Moreover, for-profit hospice centers receive more money from Medicare than their non-profit counterparts. As far as […]


The Hospice Compare Website is Now Live!

CMS recently debuted their new Hospice Compare website on August 16. Like the Home Health Compare website, Hospice Compare provides a snapshot of the quality of care each hospice facility offers to its patients. The website also gives visitors the ability to compare a hospice provider’s quality of care to national averages and to other hospices. This is all […]