medical Billing and Coding 

Medical billing and coding are the backbone of healthcare financials. Ensure you are reimbursed for the services you deliver by streamlining your agency’s revenue cycle with an advanced medical billing software.

medical billing software

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

KanTime provides all the tools your agency needs to gain a comprehensive overview into your complete billing and coding processes. From clinician-specific payroll options to advanced widgets and workflows, optimize every aspect of your financials with a secure medical billing software.

Address Every Aspect of the Medical Billing Workflow

Consolidated Financial Transactions

Consolidated Financial Transactions

Experience the benefits of concentrating all your agency’s financial processes within a central system with our advanced financial management modules.

Automated Payroll

Clean Claim Submissions

Avoid denials due to incomplete, illegible, or inaccurate elements. With KanTime, you can submit claims without any errors or other issues, including incomplete documentation that delays timely payments.

Advanced Payment Posting & Processing

Advanced Payment Posting & Processing

Our system helps your agency eliminate common payment posting and processing barriers, including checks or credit card transactions.

Advanced Payment Posting & Processing

Robust Payer Source Settings

Take the stress out of billing with secondary and dual eligible payer source settings, allowing users to determine the clinical requirements before a claim can be created.

Location Tracking

Easily identify if your clinicians are in the correct location directly within the timesheet view with our advanced location tracking features.

  • Quickly determine if geolocation at the time of clock in and out was at the correct location, outside the designated location, or if it could not be captured with identifiable icons in the timesheet
  • Fulfill EVV compliance and ensure that your agency is submitting claims for visits that took place at the time and place indicated.

Billing Overrides

Thanks to our robust payer and service setup, minimal to no effort is required to ensure appropriate billing.

  • Client level billing overrides are allowed for entry of consistent occurrence codes.
  • Assign modifiers to a code, notifying that more information about the procedure in question is required.

Electronic Claim Transfers

Take the hassle out of manually mailing claims. Our system allows your billing department to transfer all claims efficiently through our secure system.

  • HCFA/UB04 claim form view allows you to view and edit the actual claim form prior to sending it through EDI or printing.
  • Push claims directly from KanTime to your clearing house with full EDI workflows.

Filing and Billing Alerts

Our robust billing system keeps workers organized and accountable for any additional filing needs with automated alerts.

  • Eliminate the need to manually watch for additional filing alerts. Rather than sitting in an incomplete status, our system sends users a notification the minute a new file has been made.
  • Take the guessing out of secondary insurance options and automatically be notified if secondary billing is available for a given patient.

Denial / Appeal Workflows

Eliminate the need for manual, time consuming, and paper claim processes while maintaining compliance with streamlined denial and appeal workflows.

  • Classify denied claims by cause, source, and other distinctive factors to develop streamlined workflows for your finance department.
  • Users benefit from built-in episodic billing workflows with actionable alerts, streamlining clinical management, and approval to billers. 
Assure Home Health

“KanTime has and continues to evolve to suit our needs. Tech support is professional and very helpful. The ability to split the invoices for secondary payers saves tremendous time.”

Donna C.

Assure Home Health


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