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With KanTime, agencies can leverage a single platform, embedded within the EMR for all healthcare HR services – allowing organizations to effectively empower employees, support the delivery of optimal patient care, and achieve financial, regulatory, and clinical goals.

kantime healthcare HR services

Manage in the Moment HR Solutions

Our intelligent HR solutions help agencies ensure that all scheduled caregivers are fully qualified to be the best fit for your patients’ individual care requirements. Make decisions in real-time while reaching your goal of providing high-quality care by eliminating disparate data silos.   

Give Time Back to Caring

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling

Users benefit from a modern interface including an agency configurable attribute matching engine that makes scheduling simple, intuitive, and easy to use from the front office to clinicians on site.

Minimize Compliance Risk

Minimize Compliance Risk

Our system provides Automated Expiration Alerts for both leadership and affected field staff, facilitating predictive management of caregiver renewable items and eliminating audit risks from unqualified care. KanTime actions individual expirations such as blocking from the schedule and/or the ability to document notes.

Boost Employee Engagement

Boost Employee Engagement

With our integrated system, employees achieve greater autonomy over their schedules with device agnostic mobile capabilities, allowing them to engage more with their work and their patients.

Personalized Patient Care

Personalized Patient Care

Ensure that the right employee is utilized for the right job at the right location. Our system makes it easy to personalize patient care by filtering clinicians by a multitude of attributes including skill type, proximity, availability, and more.

HR Renewable Management

Spend less time managing your employee’s expiring items and more time on patient care by receiving automated expiration alerts for both management and affected staff 30 days prior to expiration.

  • Hold your employees accountable for their renewable items through auto-generated alerts and view already expired items conveniently in a separate dashboard counter.
  • Automatically send a message within the platform to a designated user, in addition to the dashboard alert when their renewables expire, with the added flexibility to make it a hard-stop for patient care.

Automated Expiration Alerts

Instantly cure your Administrator or HR staff headaches with settings to auto-block a clinicians’ system access, documentation completion, or scheduling when a mandatory renewable item has expired.

  • Clinicians can seamlessly send updated licensure, driver’s license, and auto insurance information without being hounded by the office.
  • Never worry about a state surveyor finding an HR chart deficiency.

HR & Calendar Management

Effectively and efficiently handle all your scheduling and management needs with our advanced HR tool. Improve day-to-day communication and workflows all within one unified platform.

  • View and edit employee calendars directly from the HR profile.
  • Schedule meetings and send notifications directly to the employee calendar.

Edit Payroll Schedule

Seamlessly apply varying employee pay rates based on configurable schedule attributes.

  • Rate scheduler lets you set various pay rate levels in the employee profile that KanTime will automatically apply according to service, payor, specific client, or varying combinations such as payor and client. Permission-based manual override is available as needed.
  •  Block caregiver schedules based on planned PTO and prompt to reassign schedules when initiating new PTO or absence.

HR Skill Capture

Organize employees by their various types of skills and easily find the most qualified practitioner for the visit.

  • Looking for an employee who is Wound Vac and IV certified? Filter by skill set when scheduling visits.
  • Skill Capture ensures the most qualified staff member is sent to fulfill the visit.
All About Love & Care, Inc.

“KanTime client account management is very user friendly. Bills can be managed and adjusted with just a click of the button, and little training needed for new employees to learn how to use the system.”

Jill Witherspoon

All About Love & Care, Inc.

KanTime Software Product Guide

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