Physician Order Tracking

Effectively order, deliver, and track a physician order all within a centralized system. KanTime streamlines the communication of your orders and adds intelligence to the tracking process.

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Approach Compliance Confidently

KanTime’s EHR software lets your track any physician order by provider, date, department, and more – saving valuable staff time while maximizing accuracy. The system ensures your agency is meeting compliance requirements and reminds clinicians when patients are due for specific services.

Add Intelligence to the Tracking Process

Eliminate Lag Time

Eliminate Lag Time

Auto-fax orders to physicians while maintaining an electronic record. Our system updates the order status in real-time for clear visibility of all orders.

Mitigate Compliance Issues

Mitigate Compliance Issues

Our system logs all orders and tracks accordingly to ensure compliance liabilities are avoided and all necessary care meets provider and patient requirements.

Comprehensive Visibility

Comprehensive Visibility

Enforce consistent and transparent business practices, reducing process variance, risk, and eliminating bottlenecks in the system.

Save Valuable Staff Resources

Save Valuable Staff Resources

Remove the time-consuming task of manually retrieving patient charts to file lab results, faxes, and related documentation. 

Dashboard Alerts

Our advanced order tracking tool ensures maximum efficiency of your physician order workflow and notifies you of any incomplete tasks.

  • Receive alerts for any outstanding orders that need to be addressed.
  • Seamlessly track the entire order workflow from creation to approved, signed, and faxed for receipt.

Our Physician Portal allows staff to easily review and sign orders in a timely manner.

  • Physicians can sign all necessary documentation at IDG, eliminating the need to access the MD portal.
  • Once orders are attained and signed off, automatically route the documents directly to your billing department.

Gain real-time visibility into all orders processing through the system, keeping you updated and connected every step of the way.

  • Utilize barcoding to accurately map orders if using one of our integration partners.
  • Our PDGM dashboard breaks down all aspects of the order for better management and more efficiency.

Streamline the flow of documentation by eliminating manual processing and auto-faxing orders directly to physicians.

  • Our system maintains an electronic record of each order ensuring no documentation goes missing.
  • Orders can be faxed directly from inside the portal to MDs who may not have access to your system.
Ability Home Care

“We have been using KanTime since September 2014 and have noticed a dramatic increase in efficiency and a huge reduction in our write-offs due to the excellent tracking the system offers. The system is very robust and has helped us reduce a number of support staff while improving our bottom line. I’ve worked on many large EMR systems for a variety of medical practices and KanTime is right at the top of all the ones I have used.”

Robin C.

Ability Home Care 

KanTime Software Product Guide

Learn more about KanTime’s built-in processes, powerful all-in-one automation features, configurable modules, and robust reporting in our Product Guide.