Home Health Scheduling software

Reduce communication and errors by streamlining scheduling with our advanced home health scheduling software. Our advanced scheduling portal ensures safer care for patients while decreasing liability associated with miscommunication.

home health scheduling software

Streamline Communication and Care

With our simple to learn and intuitive interface, powerful tracking features, and compliance-driven features, our system’s advanced scheduling software automatically drives efficiency while boosting staff and patient satisfaction.   

Optimize Workflows While Providing Higher Quality Care

Administrative Efficiency

Administrative Efficiency

Our advanced scheduling tools allow your staff to focus less on administrative tasks and more on patient care – leading to increased patient satisfaction, administrative efficiency, and lower labor costs.

Increased Convenience

Increased Convenience

It’s no secret that technology boosts efficiency, and that’s exactly what our system was designed to accomplish. Eliminate the inefficiency of manual scheduling by integrating all tasks in our web-based portal.

Minimize Missed Appointments

Minimize Missed Appointments

Ensure the right clinician shows up for the right patient in the right location. Experience less confusion and fewer missed appointments with accurate home health scheduling software.

Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation

Effectively keep track of where your staff is going at any point in time, guaranteeing that your day-to-day clinical operations run as smoothly as possible for your agency.

Split Schedules

Take the confusion out of split shift scheduling. Our Split Shift tool splits the hours based on the individual split shift time. If the shift spans two days, the system will automatically split accordingly.

  • Document the shift on a single note and split to necessary payer or services as required upfront or after the visit is performed.
  • The system will automatically split the hours on the appropriate day for streamlined timekeeping and billing.

Clinician Search Wizard

Find the best suitable clinician or caregiver for your patient by using the Clinician Search Wizard tool.

  • Using geographic scheduling, set skill preferences amongst the typical standard demographic consideration.
  • Find clinicians in the database that meet the specific criteria your patient needs such as Wound Vac or IV certified.

Scheduling Engine

Keep your agency organized and ensure the correct work gets done by adding tasks and scheduling shifts according to different care plans.

  • Easily drag and drop the visit plans and free-form schedules with our simple and intuitive scheduling tools.
  • Get automated alerts when a staff member clocks in late with our powerful staff tracking tools.

Advanced Calendar Management

Navigate the trenches of day-to-day workflows by gaining real-time access to patient and clinician calendars.

  • Simultaneously view multi-discipline client calendars.
  • Eliminate barriers in the communication process by sending calendars to your clients via email or the family portal.

Ad Hoc Visit Tracking

The Ad Hoc Visit feature allows caregivers to clock in on unscheduled visits, document completed tasks, and clock out all within an accessible, centralized portal.

  • Caregivers can easily communicate any unscheduled visits they performed back to the office to review for payroll and billing.
  • Validation options allow your agency to document each task and ensure that authorization parameters are maintained.
Executive Care
“We’ve been using KanTime Private Duty Software for private duty for over ten years. It has been the best tool we have ever had. Our scheduling is fully automated, we match the right caregiver to the patient on the first try, and our A/R is far easier to manage. I highly recommend KanTime!”

Lenny G.

Executive Care

KanTime Software Product Guide

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