Intake & Referral Management

Streamline incoming patient intakes from your referral sources within a centralized referral management system that gives you the power to make informed, value-based decisions.

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Paper Inefficiencies Meet Automation

KanTime eliminates the inefficiencies associated with traditional intakes and referrals. No more pen and paper methods – your practice can benefit from accurate and efficient data management and workflows within a unified referral management system. 

Transform the Way You Gather, Store, and Access Patient Information

Lower Specialty Care Costs

Lower Specialty Care Costs

Physicians select preferred specialists, preferred providers are evaluated, and high performers are identified. The results include only the highest quality, cost-efficient providers that lead to lower specialty care costs.

Centralized Data and Records

Centralized Data and Records

Remove the need to toggle in and out of disparate programs by integrating intake and referral management into existing workflows that become a natural component of day-to-day processes.

Improve Wait Times

Improve Wait Times

Get patients into their appointments faster. Our web-based intake system frees up staff’s time, provides a well-rounded PHI that empowers swift and accurate decision making, and helps providers see more patients in a day.

Improve the Integrity of PHI

Improve the Integrity of PHI

Traditional written and transcribed methods of collecting intakes and referrals have long compromised the accuracy and integrity of patient data. Our robust solutions ensure patient charts are as accurate as possible.

Client Intake Lists

The intake process is your client’s first contact with staff. KanTime allows you to take the right approach to intake while setting the tone for the entire client experience.

  • Organize all of your referrals in a centralized database.
  • Your Client Intake List helps you keep track of your potential clients and sends alerts of necessary workflows and payer requirements needed prior to processing.

Custom Pre-Payer Checklists

Get your documentation right the first time with custom pre-payer checklists. Know exactly what you need and when you need it to speed up the intake and referral process.

  • Configure a custom payer checklist allowing you to ensure mandatory items are completed prior to accepting the client.
  • Accurately ensure documentation reflects the services furnished and the codes selected reflect those services.

Intake Module

Our Intake Module and advanced tracking let you collect intakes at the time of service leading to less debt and increased profitability. Experience faster throughput and shorter wait times with an efficient and streamlined intake process.

  • Acknowledge receipt of your face-to-face on file or request your face-to-face documentation from day one.
  • Manage your waiting list, assign or allocate staff, determine staffing needs, and track the progress from referral to start of care.

Physician Assignments

Assigning physicians to the correct assignment doesn’t have to be complicated. Our system lets you focus more on patient care and less on your operational logistics.

  • Add an overseeing physician so that the CTI goes to the MD instead of the NP.
  • Get the NOE signed prior to admission if needed for hassle-free intaking.

No more time wasted filtering through the best clinician for the assignment. Our platform lets you match the correct skills and preferences to clinicians for optimal patient care with ease of accessibility.

  • Set specific skill sets and preferences to each clinician to ensure they’re the best match for the assignment every time.
  • Want to make the process even more painless? Provide driving directions for the clinician from the office or their home.
At Home Independent Living, Inc.

“We have been using KanTime for almost 7 years and what I like most is the customer support and the constant upgrades being pushed out to enhance the capabilities of the system. The scheduling system provides real time data and communication capabilities between our management team and our caregivers in the field.”

Dean B.

At Home Independent Living, Inc. 


KanTime Software Product Guide

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