Clinical Point of Care

Enable and empower your clinicians through intuitive point of care documentation solutions. KanTime supports healthcare professionals in their daily activities of monitoring, caring, and documenting patient progress.

point of care documentation

Transform Your Data and Documentation Process

Expedite the flow of patient care, optimize daily workflows, and reduce wait times throughout the healthcare process. Our advanced point of care documentation technologies transform the way information gets shared while creating efficiencies that positively ripple throughout your entire agency.

Complete Visit™

KanTime’s point of care applications ensures a Complete Visit every time. Our intelligent forms guide clinicians to capture the required elements at the patient’s home to successfully adhere to all EVV regulations.

Enable Accuracy and Timeliness Through POC Tools

Enhance Documentation

Enhance Documentation

Our point of care documentation features allow clinicians to complete documentation whenever and wherever, creating significant time and cost-saving, while enhancing the documentation process.

Reduce Clinical Errors

Reduce Clinical Errors

Minimize documentation inaccuracies. Our system allows immediate, secure documentation of new patient data all within a unified platform – making information readily available when your team needs it.

Outcome Analysis Tools

Outcome Analysis Tools

OASIS Outcome reports compare certain M questions from the patient’s SOC to the next assessment, so users can compare how the patient’s condition has changed over time.

Progress Toward Goals

Progress Toward Goals

KanTime provides a history link in notes so that clinicians can see progress-to-goals over time and which interventions were performed and when.

Store and organize all clinical documents in whatever format you need and easily access them in one central location.

  • Our portal allows clinicians to download and send files securely through the system, eliminating the practice of sending documents and data through email.
  • Thoroughly complete documentation from the field while configuring hard stops and mandatory fields for your various types of documentation and notes.

Individual Client Management

Sometimes individual clients need specialized care – and our system makes managing individual accounts easier than ever before.

  •  If you have a special client case that you want to manage mandatory fields for, our system lets you set hard stops at the individual client level.
  • The system prompts users to fill out an Infection Control form when an antibiotic medication is added to the client medication list. 

Dashboard Alerts

Our world is more connected than ever before, and your clinical workflows shouldn’t be any different. Get alerted on your dashboard when specific key clinical events occur, including incident reports, infection control, and complaints.

  • Vital sign alerts are sent to your dashboard if a client goes outside of setting parameters.
  • Get notified when medication entry of an antibiotic requires filling out an infection control form.

Prevent errors and increase efficiency with our comprehensive Assessment Management tool. From pre to initial assessments and OASIS requirements, gain full visibility into the entire process within a single platform.

  • Expedite the assessment process with automatic documentation once a nurse is finished with admission.
  • Assist clinicians with accurate scoring by linking directly to the OASIS Manual for guidance on each M0 item.

Discharge Management

Help ensure patients remain on the best path to recovery determined by your clinicians with our discharge planning tools.

  • Help agencies better engage patients and their caregivers and improve the safety and effectiveness of transition in care.
  • Streamline the process of transitioning to post-acute care and decrease patient readmissions.
Ability Home Care

“KanTime has enabled us to have more streamlined processes and the dashboards have led to more accountability of our staff! The point of care users have enjoyed the ease of use!”

Pam P.

Ability Home Care 

KanTime Software Product Guide

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