Insurance Prior Authorization

Manually entering an insurance prior authorization is a top workflow challenge for post-acute-care providers. Our system allows administrators to quickly obtain authorizations so patients can receive care sooner.

health insurance prior authorization

Approvals Perfected

Insurance prior authorization and pre-approvals have been a pain for providers for decades. Alleviate administrative burdens and ensure that the required information gets to the insurance organization efficiently through our comprehensive EHR system.

Ease the Prior Authorization Burden

Eliminate Manual Processes

Eliminate Manual Processes

Prioritize valuable care time by eliminating cumbersome forms, faxes, and phone calls associated with manual prior authorization.

Improve Satisfaction

Improve Satisfaction

Authorize visits while you wait for approvals, allowing for more meaningful patient engagement and eliminating any authorization surprises.

Easily Push Data to the Payer

Easily Push Data to the Payer

Send certain information based on the insurance selected, ensuring that there are few authorizations denied or delayed due to missing information.

Efficiently Track Authorizations

Efficiently Track Authorizations

Track authorizations that are coming to an end and efficiently make necessary adjustments before the expiration date – guaranteeing the patient is always receiving the care they need.

Experience improved workflows by seamlessly pushing authorizations to your user dashboard. KanTime’s intuitive dashboard is laid out in a step-by-step format so users are guided every step of the way.

  • Review patients that need authorization and build your request accordingly, then equip the request with all the necessary information the payer requests.
  • Review authorization requests, affirm they are finished, and fax them out once ready. After the authorization has been received, the request is entered into the system’s Pending Authorization report.

KanTime’s administrative Office Authorization feature allows users to authorize visits so they can keep caring for patients while they wait for approval. Just remember to upload the real authorization before billing.

  • Ensure services are not done for free by setting your authorization rules at five different levels, including: schedule cannot be created, created but not checked-in, created but not approved, approved but not billable, and approved for bills and payroll.
  • Restrictions can be as strict as no scheduling without authorization or even allowing scheduling but holding for further billing.

Our advanced reporting tools allow users to add authorizations without having to go into individual records.

  • Easily identify authorizations coming to an end so that you may appropriately act and avoid a lapse in patient care.
  • Add multiple authorizations at one time through the system’s bulk uploading capabilities.
National Nursing & Rehab

“The powerful accounts receivable system within KanTime allows us to drill down into the aging report. This feature has proved immensely valuable to our executive team as we utilize it to make decisions about our future expansion.”

Greg M.

CFO  |  National Nursing & Rehab

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