Healthcare Business Intelligence

Trust your instinct but verify your decision with KanTime’s healthcare business intelligence. Our data science tool empowers home care and hospice agencies to make more informed decisions with the help of business and operational analytics.

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Powerful Business Intelligence and Clinical Insights

Users can aggregate their agency’s data in a variety of ways and sort through it using customizable filters including location, time, payer, and more. Operational analytics provides a scorecard that allows you to quickly assess the performance of any department as well as crucial KPIs that ultimately affect your bottom line.

Manage Any Service Line

Unlike other business intelligence tools, KanTime Data Science allows you to manage any service line including Medicare, Managed Care, and Hospice.

Agency-Wide Access

Whether you are in the C-Suite or a branch manager, you can monitor, analyze, and act on different key agency metrics according to your level of access.

Device Agnostic

Stay connected to your data at any time from anywhere. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices, our mobile application gives you control when you are on the go.

Business Analytics
Intuitive charts and reports give you an in-depth insight into your average daily census, the average length of stay, admits/RECERTs/discharges, revenue, outliers, receivables, productivity, and much more.
Operational Analytics
Our proprietary scorecard algorithm gives you a quick analysis of any branch or department with the ability to drill down to view key performance indicators affecting your scorecard.
Cost Analytics
Explore an exhaustive set of metrics that capture and organize all costs associated with running your agency so you can see exactly where your money is being spent and how to improve operations to cut costs.
PDGM Dashboard
The PDGM dashboard widget allows users to monitor and act on key elements related to PDGM as needed to ensure quality care for the patient and timely processing of claims.
EVV Workflows

The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) feature allows you to verify visits at the point of care, provide administrators real-time oversight and immediate verification that visits have taken place, and showcase the great work clinicians do.

ICE (Independent Caregiver Engagement)
Fill and submit documentation in a timely manner while ensuring the highest accuracy of data. KanTime ICE performs validation checks with the help of our intelligent forms that guide clinicians to capture the correct information for each patient. Plus, we automatically purge your device of any sensitive PHI keeping you within HIPPA compliance standards.

The Better Way to Manage Your Agency

Make more informed decisions with the help of business, operational, and cost analytics.

healthcare business intelligence

Do It Right the First Time +

Serving post-acute care since 2007, KanTime provides your agency with functionality, scalability, and flexibility delivered in a robust enterprise class system. Get started today and discover what is possible for your agency.

Quality Care, It’s Why We Do What We Do

Ageless Living Home Health

“What attracted us to KanTime was the professionalism of the staff. We were impressed that the system was a true enterprise solution, which means KanTime has dedicated itself to being the best electronic documentation system it can be.”

Mike Alley

Ageless Living Home Health

Accra Care

“Through real time budgeting and utilization, authorization tracking, automated payroll, accounts payable, revenue cycle management, and reporting, KanTime brings us remarkable operational and financial benefits company wide.”

John Dahm 

Accra Care

Executive Care

“We’ve been using KanTime for over ten years. It has been the best tool we have ever had. Our scheduling is fully automated, we match the right caregiver to the patient on the first try, and our A/R is far easier to manage. I highly recommend KanTime!”

Lenny G.

Executive Care

Customizable, Role-Based Solutions +

We streamline all aspects of your agency from beginning to end. From patient intake through billing and payments, our healthcare business intelligence solutions allow you to do what you do best – deliver quality care to your patients.