Why Are Integrated Solutions For Hospice Agencies So Important?

July 11, 2022

Hospice care is a challenging field that comes with a high rate of burnout, which impacts over half of clinicians. The nature of the work itself is difficult, but on top of that, many agencies are experiencing worker shortages, meaning professionals have to work longer hours. 

Having hospice solutions on hand that help reduce time spent on administrative tasks frees up staff to care for patients or take some much-needed downtime in the middle of a stressful day. Using an integrated solution for patient records, notes, and more saves clinicians time, allowing them to be more productive without working more hours. 

Why Are Integrated Solutions For Hospice Agencies So Important? 

We know how clinician burnout impacts hospice agencies and integrated hospice solutions help caregivers and other employees work more efficiently. Digitizing patient records can save time overall, but if patient management systems can’t integrate with other platforms, you still have to spend time entering information into multiple platforms. 

It’s harder to prepare for each patient, since they may have to look through multiple paper and digital files. Integrated hospice solutions ease this problem. 

Save money 

A solution that’s integrated directly with an EMR solution like the WorldView document management system is more cost-effective than buying and implementing multiple programs. With features that optimize efficiency including virtual print drivers and other digital solutions, you eliminate the back and forth that usually happens during orders, intake, and patient management. Your employees can process patient intake forms and request medical records in hours instead of sending multiple emails over days.

Streamline processes and efficiencies

Hospice caregivers and other hospice professionals need accurate data to offer the best patient care possible. With our integrated solution, your employees can use a mobile app to upload and manage documents on the go without needing an internet connection.

Patient records and other documents are secure, yet they are accessible by all members of your team. You don’t have to worry about violating HIPAA laws to share records across teams. These records can also be signed digitally, so your team doesn’t have to go back to the office to get authorizations they need in the field. 

If you’re working with a patient and need a question answered quickly, our integrated solution makes it easier to contact your colleagues on the fly. Sending an unsecured text message puts you at risk for HIPAA violations, so you can use our secure messaging tools instead. You can attach patient-specific documentation to help your colleagues answer your query. 

This system also helps you save time spent uploading or scanning documents into the system, speeding up the referral process. You can use the dashboard to check on your referrals, helping you follow up and get what you need quickly. In hospice, you are often working with shortened timelines, and waiting on referrals can severely impact patient care. 

Employee training and retention

With the KanTime and WorldView integrated hospice solution, you don’t have to train employees on multiple systems. Your administrative team can manage daily reports, billing and insurance, compliance matters, and other patient management data in one spot, making their job easier. 

KanTime also offers valuable hospice employee analytics that can help you assess how your employees are performing and how happy they are with your company. Their intelligent HR solutions help you assess which caregivers will be the best fit for your patients while allowing your employees to control their schedules and manage how much time they spend on patient care.

KanTime and WorldView’s integration offers tools that help you stay in compliance, which can help build trust between you and your employees. We can help you create a hospice agency that attracts the best and brightest employees and caregivers. Your employees will have a hospice solution that lets them make the best use of their time. 

How WorldView Can Help You Integrate Your Workflow

There are many reasons your employees might be on the verge of burnout. You may be understaffed and have your hospice employees covering the extra workload. Or they may be spending too much time on administrative tasks like entering patient records and looking for files to prep for a patient visit. 

Your administrative team could be wasting time looking through multiple programs and files to generate reports that help keep you in business. Our recent integration with KanTime offers a streamlined document management system that takes some of the load off your workers. 

Our system can help you manage growth and reduce manual effort. You can coordinate a hospice care team and document all necessary data that lets everyone do their jobs more effectively. Your team won’t have to search for referrals and other documentation before patients can receive care. 

If you’re ready to integrate your system and improve patient care without investing in multiple solutions, contact us and find out how we can help. 


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