Dallas, TX (April 17, 2020) – KanTime’s Healthcare Software, the only complete enterprise agency management software, has introduced its newest product – KanTime for Self Direction, which addresses the unique needs of consumer directed services providers. KanTime for Self Direction was engineered specifically for FMSAs, F/EAs, Agencies with Choice, FIs, FSEs, and Intermediary Service Organizations.

The platform simplifies and streamlines the entire agency workflow including:

  • Intake & Onboarding
  • Authorization Management
  • Budget and Utilization Management & Tracking
  • EVV
  • Timekeeping and Payroll
  • Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

“We collaborated extensively with the largest consumer directed services provider in Texas to build a solution unlike any other in the market,” said Sundar Kannan, CEO of KanTime. “The flexibility of the product to tailor it to our needs is something I haven’t seen in any other EMR,” said Kevin Jeffrey, VP of Operations of CDS in Texas. “KanTime’s willingness to partner with us to build a powerful platform shows the level of dedication the company has to its clients,” added Kevin.

KanTime for Self Direction is already being utilized by the largest consumer directed services providers in Texas and Minnesota. “KanTime for Self Direction has all the tools required for me to run my Consumer Directed Financial Management line of business in the most efficient way possible,” said John Dahm, CEO of Accra Care. “It brings us remarkable operational and financial benefits.”

While other Self Direction solutions are offered in piece by piece modules that only solve segments of the workflow or only function in one particular state, KanTime for Self Direction is the only single comprehensive solution that can address the requirements of all providers nationwide.

Agencies who choose KanTime for Self Direction can expect:

  • Complete documentation, audit trails, and transparency
  • Consistent updates to comply with State and Federal regulations
  • Reliable automation to eliminate human error and tedious manual data manipulation
  • Improved teaming and collaboration among back office staff
  • Streamlined intake and onboarding
  • Real-time utilization updates and quarterly reports through KanTime Family Portal
  • Simple, fast, and accurate payroll processing
  • Elimination of billing errors, rejections, and recoupments
  • Insightful agency reporting and powerful custom reporting tools
  • Timely and accurate financial reporting

“Launching our Self Direction line of business is part of our overall strategy to become a one stop shop for all post-acute care providers,” said Sundar Kannan. “We plan to introduce additional tools and lines of business in the future to help our rapidly growing client base.”

About KanTime Healthcare Software

KanTime Healthcare Software is the fastest growing post-acute software provider in the nation. We provide cloud-based enterprise software to home health, hospice, pediatric, private duty, and consumer directed services agencies. KanTime helps agencies improve clinical compliance, increase operations efficiency, and achieve financial success. KanTime works seamlessly on any point of care device be it iOS, Android, or Windows based, both online and offline. Additionally, KanTime offers robust business intelligence tools that allow upper level management to drill down into various clinical, financial, and operational KPIs and take action. For more information visit kantime.com or contact sales@kanrad.com for a demo.