Self Direction.

Intake & Onboarding Budget Payroll Billing Finance
Intake & Onboarding Budget Payroll Billing Finance

Run Your Entire Agency With All Lines Of Business
With KanTime.

KanTime for Self Direction simplifies and streamlines the complex processes that run your agency, enhancing productivity and profit. From intake to authorization, budgets to timekeeping, payroll to billing - KanTime’s end-to-end solution has you covered.

Engineered Specifically For Self Direction Providers, We Solve The Complex Needs Of The Industry.

Who We Help

  • Financial Management Services Agencies
  • Fiscal/Employer Agents
  • Agencies with Choice
  • Fiscal Intermediaries
  • Fiscal Support Entities
  • Intermediary Service Organizations

Programs Our Clients Participate In

  • Consumer Direction
  • Self Direction
  • Participant Direction
  • Veterans-Directed Care
  • Community Living Programs
  • Home and Community Based Services

KanTime for Self Direction has all the tools required for me to run my Consumer Directed Financial Management line of business in the most efficient way possible.

Fast, Efficient, & Compliance Driven From The Very Beginning.

KanTime is fast, efficient, and compliant driven from the very beginning. The intuitive client intake profile streamlines the process and ensures that documentation is fully completed every time. Easily manage your intake list, store client and employee documentation, as well as track client progress from referral to start of care. Staff will love how easy it is to work together and department heads will enjoy a real time view of their workflow.

Our Budget Management Ensures Your Clients Don’t Overspend.

Authorization, Budget Management, and Utilization monitoring is all about ensuring your clients fully utilize their services and don’t overspend. KanTime’s budget workflow ensures that your clients receive thorough and accurate spending plans along with the tools they need to monitor their utilization.

  • Payer configuration means you always select the right service for every client
  • Pre-configure units, rates, etc. for every payer, employees don’t need to keep track or maintain reference materials
  • Manage multiple authorizations per client and multiple services per authorization

  • Easily configure multiple budget iterations for clients
  • Build complete budgets that account for reimbursement, bonus, overtime, unemployment, and taxes
  • Allow clients to view, approve, and sign budgets online through our Family Portal

  • Monitor utilization with near real-time data
  • Flag or block over-utilization prior to running payroll
  • Generate warnings for under utilization


Save Time Preparing Payroll

Significantly reduce the amount of time you spend preparing payroll and eliminate the time you spend resolving payroll errors. KanTime tracks and ensures that every timesheet is compliant and reviewed prior to payroll speeding up processing and approvals.


Our team will work with you to configure KanTime for your payroll vendor so that you can quickly and easily process payroll without wasting time manipulating spreadsheets. KanTime aggregates payroll data into a configurable export file so you can create as few as 1 or export in large batches.


Place and review holds, assign hold authority, and configure KanTime to auto-hold timesheets that overutilize services. Set weekly limits for hours by service and only allow timesheets that match client authorizations.


KanTime can be configured to track and calculate based on multiple rates per employee, employer, service, or payer.


We are bringing EVV support for Self Direction. Contact us for state specific EVV information.

Significantly Reduce Billing Errors & Rejections

The billing speed and ease of KanTime, now available for Self Direction. Significantly reduce billing errors and rejections. Keep a complete and accurate billing history for every invoice.

  • Bill directly from within the system using Transmit Online
  • Robust and configurable so that you can bill any payer. Manage tax billing, net cash billing, unit billing, FMSA fee billing - both monthly and hourly
  • Automate Medicaid eligibility checks and prevent claims for ineligible consumers
  • Track payments, transactions, invoices through their entire lifespan from timesheet, to payroll, to billed, to paid. Track and reconcile every unit, hour, and dollar

Delivering Comprehensive Financial Insights Into Your Operations

KanTime is imagination realized. What do you imagine for your agency?