How EMR Technology Is Helping Agencies Expand LOBs

An agency currently in the home care line of business (LOB) is seriously considering expanding. The agency realizes they can be more effective in the care they provide while also bringing in more revenue; if they implement a pediatrics LOB. However, there is one major problem: their current EMR technology only supports the LOB they are in now.

Expansion can be hard, but it’s even harder when your EMR technology can’t grow and expand with you. 

That’s why having software that can grow with you is vital.

Agencies Wanting to Expand Their LOBs 

EMRs are essential in the post-acute care world. Without them, agencies would potentially struggle with staying organized, scheduling clinicians, submitting documents to payers, staying compliant, and much more. Even though EMR technology helps agencies significantly, some challenges can occur in their relationship. 

It often becomes difficult when an agency wants to expand its LOBs and their software can’t support that expansion. Typically, the only solution is the agency acquires another EMR or searches for a solution that can handle it all.

That’s why there is KanTime: an enterprise-level, all-in-one software solution, that supports any post-acute LOB.

 One EMR for All Your Agency’s Needs  

 A software that helps agencies grow and expand into multiple LOBs is uncommon.

 Unlike other software, KanTime makes it easy for agencies to expand into multiple LOBs.

The following LOBs are supported:

There is no need for an agency to stress about expanding into another LOB. KanTime makes it easy for agencies to focus on their patients and bring in more revenue.

Although some software may be excellent in one or two lines of business, when it comes to expanding and increasing revenue, agencies want to go with software that works for them and makes it stress-free.

We would love to show you more about how KanTime implements multiple LOBs.