Software Implementation at KanTime

May 4, 2021

At KanTime, our expert implementation staff are industry veterans who not only understand the software inside and out, but also know how new regulations affect your business. Our comprehensive training program ensures that all your staff are thoroughly trained on the software before you go live. KanTime makes software implementation easy.


At KanTime, our implementation team has helped agencies, regardless of size or type, go-live with the software within 60 days. During this time period, your data will be extracted and imported into KanTime, your database will be configured with appropriate workflows, and all your staff will be trained on how to use the software.

Unlike most software vendors, we personally handle data extraction from your old system and convert it into the appropriate file types for a proper import into KanTime to ensure maximum transfer of data on items like patient demographics, physicians, payer lists, employee records, and employee certifications. Next, our expert onboarding staff guides you in inputting base services, payer sources rules, and any missing data that you want to include in your setup.

While your agency setup is being configured, our team will simultaneously train your appointed champions. Our training is customizable and covers all features and functionality required to run your operations efficiently. First, clinicians and back office staff are recommended to watch all the tutorial videos and complete the corresponding exercises within KanTime University. Next, a KanTime certified trainer will conduct either a live webinar or on-site session, depending on your preference, to train each department separately. Lastly, we offer continued support and guidance after you go-live with pre-scheduled “watchpoints” set at different times to ensure we answer any questions post implementation and go-live.

Our proven implementation plan has resulted in hundreds of agencies going live with the software prior to their initially projected go-live date. In addition, these agencies have become experts themselves in how to utilize the software thanks to our comprehensive training program.

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