Tackling one of the Biggest Problems in Play: Recruitment and Retention

The Healthcare staffing shortage is omnipresent amongst post-acute providers and has only been exacerbated by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the recruitment of new nurses continues to be barred by compensation and misperception barriers. 

In this blog, KanTime will be discussing retention, the resources available within the software that help retain the current staff, and how to maximize productivity with properly allocated resources.

Challenges Agencies Face With Retention and Recruitment

In-Home Health, “Nearly 50% of study respondents are seeing turnover rates of 15-20% with 15% experiencing turnover rates well over 30%. And the higher turnover rates aren’t just impacting the agencies. Agencies with higher turnover rates are correlated with lower patient satisfaction outcomes.

Page 50 of the Berry Dunn study delves into retention and what has positively impacted home health and hospice centers of excellence. “Over 90% of Home Health and Hospice Centers of Excellence offer ongoing education reimbursement/ reimbursement for job-related certifications as part of their employment packages.”

Agencies who utilize EHR software should ensure that their platform will aid them in the processes that will influence onboarding and retention. In the long run, this will ensure timely onboarding and retention of skillful employees because they are able to learn the skills they need and want for future career advancement. 

Staff Onboarding and Retention Tools within KanTime

Retention and Recruitment

As a new clinician, starting at a new agency can be daunting, especially if the new agency is using a different EHR than what they have learned and utilized in the past. 

Unfortunately, similar to the rest of us, clinicians always resort to what is familiar to them. However, easing the transition into a new system can be the difference between a long-term working relationship and a clinician that only lasts six months. 

Highlighted throughout the Berry Dunn Study, existing clinicians are an agency’s most powerful recruitment tool. Partnering with an EHR that enhances retention and works FOR an agency will directly correlate to an agency’s ability to recruit new clinicians as well. 

KanTime’s University Onboarding Tool Kit

Agencies that utilize KanTime will have access to KanTime University for the entirety of its contract. 

In turn, this allows for them to onboard their employees quicker and provides ongoing training in other verticals to ultimately allow for upward mobility within their agency. Clinicians can become familiar with revenue cycle management or other departments to further their skill set and become more versatile. 

A vital feature within KanTime University is the tracking grid for managers that allows them to view the progress of each user’s assigned training completion. KanTime understands that not all users learn at the same pace, so their workflow within KanTime University is configurable by the manager to optimize their learning curve. 

(see example below)

In addition, agencies can provide any number of assessments to their clinicians to successfully onboard. For example, an agency can say they want their RNs to complete three assessments while another thinks one is sufficient. 


Below are a few examples of KanTime’s Best Practices within KanTime University for the implementation and onboarding of clinical staff. 

Two assessments of each type of task for a care manager:

-Start of care (SOC)

-Recertification (RECERT

-Resumption of Care (ROC)



-Regular Visit

-Supervisory Visit

-Add-on Assessments

-Change order and Hold order


Two assessments of each type of task for LPN, Aide, and Therapy Assistants:

-Regular note

-Fee subform


How Better Happens 

With the world constantly changing around us, staff recruitment and retention have never been so relevant. New employees are demanding more training and resources to ensure they have the opportunity to advance within their next organization.KanTime has always been an adaptable partner and continues to provide agencies with the resources they need to meet the challenges of today with technology that was engineered for tomorrow.


Retention and Reimbursement