Push Technology Helps Break Consistent Bottlenecks In an EMR

June 17, 2021

An agency runs their monthly reports to identify any bottlenecks in the system. Upon review, they realize there are multiple challenges in the system that need to be fixed immediately or a large sum of their revenue could be lost. This is the second month in a row that the agency has had frequent issues that should have been fixed right away. The agency becomes frustrated that their software didn’t alert them in near real time, annoyed that running these reports after the fact doesn’t allow them the needed time to fix the issue and receive full payment, or that their software doesn’t utilize push technology by pushing the alerts to their dashboard. 

It becomes strenuous on the agency if their software doesn’t alert them in near real time of an occurring bottleneck. The agency could end up losing a large amount of money, patients or ultimately require them to find new software. 

Dashboards, Reporting and Pull Technology 



Unless dashboards are well organized and configurable by role, agency Users can feel confused and overwhelmed while trying to determine where the bottlenecks are occurring. In too many EMR’s, the User has to put in significant additional effort to search all over the system to find the root of the problem. This puts stress on agencies because their EMR isn’t working for them. 


Reporting is a required element of any EMR. There are financials and other regulatory reports that are necessary to meet compliance.  However, reporting is generally based on data that has aged, and no matter how often reports are run or how clearly they identify a problem it can often be too late to fix the issue at hand. Unfortunately, by the time the root cause is identified it could be too late to fix and the associated revenue is usually lost. 

Pull Technology

Software that depends solely on pull technology can dramatically increase the administrative overhead required to run your agency. Users are generally required to hunt through the entire system to identify data that will illustrate the problem. Pull technology also forces the user to cross reference multiple screens to find and fix the bottlenecks. Hiring more staff is usually the chosen solution for software that depends on pull technology.  Shouldn’t software push the needed information out to staff who are in the appropriate roles to fix the issues?

Role Based Dashboards, Utilizing Push Technology, and Near Real Time Reporting

Here at KanTime, our software uses configurable role based dashboards, utilizes push technology and near real time reporting to help agencies find the bottlenecks and fix the problem in real time. 

Below are the ways KanTime utilizes dashboards, push technology and near real time reporting to help deliver quality patient care. 

Role Based Dashboards 

What’s really cool about KanTime’s role based dashboard is they are configurable to each user in the agency, and the administrators have full access so they can view every bottleneck that is occurring in near real time. 

KanTime’s role based dashboard features: 

  • Manage tasks and alerts with web based home health software and are configurable by role   
  • Clinical alerts are configurable for every patient and alerted on the dashboard 
  •  Near Real time reporting 
  • Gain a deeper insight into agency productivity   
  • Extensive reporting Analysis tools available by clicking alerts to rapidly determine underlying data. 
  • Alert Counters are color coded so the User can see what needs to be fixed and what has aged beyond agency standards.


Push Technology 

While relying solely on pull technology can hinder an agency, push technology does the opposite. The main difference is push technology helps an agency become more efficient and identifies issues in the system faster. 


  • By contrast in systems without KanTime’s technology, billers often submit claims missing a vital piece of information which results in rejected claims. With KanTime’s push technology, the software is able to push an alert to the dashboard informing the user that information still needs to be input before the claim can be submitted to the payor. KanTime is configured by payor, line of business and service. Our rules engine identifies those claims that are ready to bill and those that are not and why. Our push technology alerts the biller on their dashboard for action. 

Without push technology, the claim could have been sitting there for countless weeks. The agency wouldn’t have known that vital information still needed to be inputted until a report was run. 

Near Real Time Reporting 

With the help of role based dashboards and push technology, KanTime is able to report in near real time.  If the agency above had been using KanTime, they would have been notified in near real time that the claim was missing important pieces of information before it was sent to the payor.  The software would have found where the problem was in near real time and pushed the notification to the dashboard to alert the user and/or management of action that needed to be taken. 

Role based dashboards, push technology and near real time reporting seem like a dream. With KanTime, we make that dream a reality. No more running reports to find bottlenecks or searching all over the system to find the problem. KanTime does the work for you, so you can focus on quality patient care. 

We would love to show you more about our role based dashboards, check out our website or request a demo today! 

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