KanTime Pediatric Home Health Software

May 4, 2021

Referred to as “The Gold Standard of Pediatric Home Health Software,” KanTime utilizes state-of-the-art features to simplify documentation and billing, so you can spend more time on child care.


KanTime Pediatric Home Health Software has been called “The Gold Standard,” by the largest pediatric care providers across the nation. After switching to KanTime, providers have experienced a drastic improvement in bill to pay time, compliance, documentation accuracy and completion, as well as ease of use to name a few.

“We would not have been able to grow as fast or as far without KanTime. KanTime lets you focus on care, practice, and the bottom line and not about the software that runs it.”

KanTime allows you to manage pediatric therapy services as well as intermittent or continuous care for pediatric nursing all in one integrated platform. Ensure all relevant care providers are fully informed and up to date on a patient’s status and even extend the continuum of care to include hospitals, pharmacies, and medical equipment providers. The platform also includes a variety of unique features including automated QA, objective trending graphs, HIPAA-compliant messaging, a Family Portal, and much more.

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