What is KanTime Data Science?

May 4, 2021

KanTime Data Science is a data analytics tool that empowers home health and hospice agencies to make informed decisions with the help of business, operational, and cost analytics.


KanTime Data Science is a business intelligence tool that empowers home care and hospice agencies to make more informed decisions with the help of business and operational analytics.

Users are able to aggregate their agency’s data in a variety of ways and sort it using customizable filters including location, time, payer, and more.

With business analytics users can get answers to important clinical and financial questions such as what are the trends in my average daily census over the past two quarters by branch or how has my revenue by payer source changed over time with the latest reimbursement cuts.

Operational analytics provides a scorecard that allows you to quickly assess the performance of any department. Drill down to view key performance indicators that affect the scorecard and ultimately your bottom line. Understand how much your operations affects your bottom line with the robust financial tools from cost analytics.

These are just a few of the hundreds of questions you can get answers to with KanTime Data Science.

Trust your instinct, but verify your decision with KanTime.

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