KanTime and Notifyd Are Preferred Partners

August 5, 2021


System integration with Notifyd System integration with KanTime and Notifyd    System integration with KanTime


KanTime and Notifyd have a system integration and our customers have seen the efficiencies the integration has created. Our main goal is to make agencies’ lives easier while also staying compliant.

With Notifyd’s technology, clinicians and back-office staff can easily communicate from within KanTime and without having to open another platform.

Tasks like staffing, open schedules, sending attachments, links, and much more have never been easier. Clinicians can quickly reply to notifications without missing a beat in their busy schedules. 

Below are a few testimonials from agencies who utilize the system integration between KanTime and Notifyd:

  • “Being able to send a Notifyd notification from KanTime has made scheduling much easier and faster. Notifyd has made it easy for us to instant message, create group messaging, and send COVID questionnaires to our staff during a pandemic. Having the software integrated saves us time and allows us to work efficiently.” -Veronica T. BrightStar Care


  • “With KanTime and Notifyd integrated together we can send out shift openings straight from KanTime, and have the staff plugged in effortlessly.”Lisa M. BrightStar Care 


  • “The best part about their integration right now for me is that when we add an employee in KanTime, the employee can automatically be added to Notifyd so we don’t have to double the work by having to add it again.” J.R. Therapy Squad


About Notifyd 

Notifyd’s mission is to create more effective, secure, and compliant communication channels between healthcare companies, their clinicians, and patients.

We are looking to accomplish this by partnering with organizations that are looking to move away from phone, email, and SMS – based messaging to something more secure, reliable, and time and cost-effective. 

We understand that not only do you need a solution that is functional, but also efficient and productive.

A few key metrics about Notifyd:

  • Several customers have reported time savings for company schedulers of approximately 33% by using Notifyd as an improved way to communicate with employees.


  • As a benefit of using Notifyd, several customers have seen staffed hours increase upwards of 5%. 


About KanTime

KanTime is an enterprise-class, EMR software designed to help agencies like yours deliver better patient outcomes, enhanced operational performance, and growth.

Utilizing KanTime’s built-in processes, powerful all-in-one automation features, customizable modules, and robust reporting: we help your agency achieve Better:

  • Compliance
  • Efficiency & Agency ROI 
  • Patient Outcomes


Because KanTime Manages by Exception and Does it Right the First Time, it’s How Better Happens. 

If you would like to learn more about KanTime and Notifyd’s system integration please visit our website or request a demo!


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