Hospice Triangle of Care

Having a plan of care roadmap in place for each of your patients is key to delivering better health care. KanTime is the only hospice software solution that has this built-in roadmap, therefore, making healthcare delivery highly integrated. As well as consistency for your clinicians and patients. Additionally, KanTime has the Hospice Triangle of Care.
Below are the highlights of the Hospice Triangle of Care:
  • The Start of Care Assessment CREATES the Plan of Care
  • The Plan of Care DRIVES the Follow-Up Visits forcing documentation on every IDT Problem
  • IDT Problem documentation is automatically PUSHED to the IDT Meeting
  • Conditions of Participation and Payment are met thus creating a closed Triangle of Care.

The Benefit:

No more prep-work for IDT Meetings.

Everything you need automatically pushes to the IDT Meeting.

Hence worrying about Medical Review Denials and Hospice Survey Deficiencies are a thing of the past.