Key Barriers Could Limit Adoption of Home-Based Care Models

March 18, 2022

COVID-19 provided the post-acute care industry the opportunity to shake the healthcare market by turning the world’s attention to the home-based care model.

It has been shown that the home-based care approach can boost patient satisfaction, lower cost, and improve the quality of care versus providing care in a hospital setting. However, there have been some challenges in potentially growing the home-based care market. 

According to a recent Moving Health Home report, a few barriers for the home-based model are:

  • Uncertain regulatory environment post-COVID-19
  • Overly restrictive requirements for the hospital at home programs 
  • Significantly variability in requirements for providers across state lines

Because of Covid-19 and patients having to stay at home, CMS and Congress decided to lift the limitations of telehealth for Medicare; providers quickly turned to post-acute care and telehealth to deliver patient care. Also, regulators expanded the coverage for health services which opened the door for hospital-level care at home.

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