KanTime Data Science is a data analytics tool that empowers home health and hospice agencies to make more informed decisions with the help of business, operational, and cost analytics.

Introducing the better way to manage your agency.


Run your agency with real-time data at your fingertips. KanTime Data Science, powered by Sisense, allows you to track key agency metrics so you can answer difficult questions with ease.

  • Intuitive charts and reports give you in depth insight into your average daily census, average length of stay, admits/RECERTs/discharges, revenue, outliers, receivables, productivity, and much more.
  • Cross examine your data by location, time, payer, or several other customizable filters to view trends from different points of view.
  • Discover trends and connections between different metrics that you did not think affected each other.


Ever wished you could know the performance of your department or branch with one glance? Well look no further because thanks to KanTime Data Science proprietary scorecard algorithm, you can get a quick analysis of any branch or department with the ability to drill down to view key performance indicators affecting your scorecard.

  • Easily compare the performance of your branch or department over time and identify personnel or processes that need improvement.
  • Drill down reports allow you to take corrective action on poor performing personnel or find out who to promote as needed.
  • Leverage data to understand the effects of changes in industry regulations such as value based purchasing on your agency.


Explore an exhaustive set of metrics that capture and organize all costs associated with running your agency so you can see exactly where your money is being spent and how to improve operations to cut costs.

  • Variance analysis of different financial metrics provides management with actual vs. planned behavior, paramount to maintaining control over your agency.
  • Observe how agency productivity affects different cost drivers in your agency so you can organize resources more effectively.
  • Distill the plethora of information to provide upper level management with a simple one page report on various cost metrics.

I feel that KanTime Data Science is one of the best data analytics tools available to provide management with key insight into their operations with dozens of key performance indicators that one can drill down to affect change. KanTime Data Science is vital to success as our industry continues to evolve in today’s healthcare environment.”

Randy F

Senior Healthcare Consultant
SMART Healthcare Resources
KanTime is imagination realized. What do you imagine for your agency?