Tampa, FL (May 2, 2016) – Today, KanTime opened a new office in Tampa, FL. KanTime now has 4 offices across the nation including its headquarters in San Jose, CA, a sales office in Dallas, TX, an operations office in San Antonio, TX, and a second sales and marketing office in Tampa, FL. The new sales office will help KanTime increase it’s presence in the east coast, especially in large Medicare states such as Florida.

Many home care and hospice agencies in Florida suffer from countless audits and state surveys due to difficulty following compliance regulations. KanTime has helped numerous agencies overcome this problem with its compliance-driven system that utilizes tools such as self-auditing forms that ensure accurate documentation and timely submissions. This then leads agencies to save time and money from hiring QA staff to review documentation.

“We haven’t come across any other hospice software that does everything KanTime can do. Complete service tracking, full documentation for every aspect of your program, and 100% compliance, what more can we ask?” – Mary R. Hospice Administrator

Kristen Duell, VP of Business Development & Marketing at KanTime, is confident that the new sales and marketing office will help KanTime persuade agencies to sign up and reap the benefits of improved compliance and increased efficiency.

About KanTime Healthcare Software
Silicon Valley based KanTime Healthcare Software, is a fast-growing home care and hospice software company that provides services for Medicare, Medicaid, Hospice, Pediatrics and Private Duty, both skilled and non-medical all in one platform. Our system provides both intermittent and continuous care for any certification period, any program, and any payer. KanTime’s integrated cloud-based and web-based solution helps agencies improve clinical compliance, reduce back office staff, and increase operational efficiency while being up to date with the latest rules and regulations by both Federal and State governing bodies. This is achieved by KanTime’s two fundamental philosophies “Do It Right The First Time,” and “Management By Exception.” With these core values, KanTime ensures that your clinician always captures the necessary data required for a particular patient as well as gives your back office staff real time information via interactive dashboards. Moreover, KanTime works seamlessly across any point of care device whether it is iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems and works both online and offline. For more information visit kantime.com or call us at (408)-615-8880.