Clearwater, FL (September 29, 2017) – Comfort Care Hospice, a leading hospice care provider in Alabama, has gone live with KanTime Hospice Software across all its 16 branches. After a thorough evaluation of the best EHR providers, Comfort Care decided to adopt KanTime as its sole hospice software.

The decision to formulate a partnership with KanTime was made primarily because KanTime is a compliance-driven software in real-time with the ability to adapt and change in an ever-changing healthcare environment. The implementation adhered to a time schedule that ensured each branch went live on time and with very few issues, all of which received immediate attention from KanTime,” said Lisa Teel, Chief Operating Officer of Comfort Care.

In order to achieve this feat, KanTime held multiple weekly calls and webinars with Comfort Care champions, provided live technical support after working hours as well as on weekends, and conducted around-the-clock support during go-live days. Additionally, prior to Comfort Care going live, KanTime built custom features and enhanced reporting capabilities ahead of the standard 6-week timeline to ensure that Comfort Care could proverbially “hit the ground running.” This resulted in all Comfort Care branches smoothly transitioning to KanTime on their scheduled go-live dates with all the requested custom-built features.

Comfort Care has already started experiencing numerous efficiencies including: significant time reduction in visit note submissions, improved compliance in visit note charting due to embedded documentation validations in KanTime, and most noticeably – streamlined and comprehensive IDT meetings. KanTime has enhanced the fluidity and workflow of IDT by allowing Comfort Care clinicians to prep for IDT within every single patient visit note. The system also allows the case management team a review time prior to IDT of all clients coming due in the next IDT, while allowing them to set reminders of topics to discuss for each client. These are just a few of the many benefits that Comfort Care has started experiencing over the past few months since KanTime was implemented.

Working with the staff at Comfort Care Hospice has been incredible. They have an extraordinary leadership team and driven individuals that work tirelessly to ensure the system is maximized for regulatory compliance,” said Jeanette Ibarra, VP of Operations at KanTime.