Clearwater, FL (March 15, 2017) – Today, Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care, a leading hospice provider in Idaho and Oregon, announced its decision to utilize KanTime as its sole hospice software provider. Heart ‘n Home, headquartered in Fruitland, ID, operates eight offices across Idaho and Oregon, where it performs the following hospice services: physician support, nursing care, hospice CNAs, medical social services, spiritual counseling, grief & loss support, and more.

The decision to choose KanTime came about because of the numerous difficulties Heart ‘n Home was experiencing with its previous hospice software. Moreover, Heart ‘n Home saw that KanTime’s intuitive clinical workflow and back office functionality could significantly increase its efficiency and help streamline its processes.

“Not only was the staff that was doing the presentation top notch, but I was amazed by the system itself because it was so functional, offered more options, had a customizable workflow, and provided more disciplines, which made it easy to understand and follow,” stated Kristopher Stice Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

One of the main issues that Heart ‘n Home experienced with its previous software was an incorrect setup, which caused the agency to have to re-enter all patient data within 2 weeks of going live. Not only did this incorrect setup waste precious time, but it also prevented Heart ‘n Home from billing and collecting payments. However, during a meeting with the KanTime Implementation Team, Heart ‘n Home saw the systematic way in which an agency setup was executed including all the checks and balances that guaranteed proper payer setup, patient data imports, etc., and was sold on switching to KanTime as their hospice software provider.

“By choosing the wrong EHR the first time, we fell victim to underperforming in patient care, quality, compliance, staff efficiencies, staff morale, and strategic planning. We reviewed 12 hospice solutions prior to KanTime, but once we saw KanTime, we were blown away by the revolutionary technology and incredible support team,” said Kristopher Stice.

Another key feature that Heart ‘n Home was impressed by was KanTime’s point of care mobile app, KanTime ICE. KanTime ICE supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices both online and offline and more importantly, eliminates after hours homework for clinicians. Additionally, unlike other software, KanTime ingrains compliance within the various forms on its mobile platform, which drastically reduces the risk of audits and back office QA time. Lastly, Heart ‘n Home required various integrations with accounting and pharmacy software that most software could not provide. However, because of KanTime’s modern software architecture, KanTime was able to build a tight bi-directional interface with the required third party vendors.

“The IDT function within KanTime is second to none! You have to see it to believe it,” said various members of the management team at Heart ‘n Home.

Kristen Duell, the VP of Business Development & Marketing at KanTime, had this to say about the future of the relationship between Heart ‘n Home and KanTime:

“We are excited to have Heart n’ Home Hospice & Palliative Care join the KanTime family. They are joining during a time of rapid growth for KanTime as well as for their agency. Due to the wonderful growth both companies are experiencing we are pleased to be working towards an expedited onboarding at their request, to help them realize the efficiencies and cost savings that many KanTime customers experience.”

Read the full press release here.


About KanTime Healthcare Software

Silicon Valley-based KanTime Healthcare Software, the fastest growing post-acute software provider, provides cloud-based enterprise software to home health, hospice, pediatric, and private duty agencies. KanTime helps agencies improve clinical compliance, increase operational efficiency, and most importantly deliver quality patient care with it’s two core philosophies that are “Do It Right The First Time,” and “Manage By Exception.” With these core values, KanTime ensures that your clinician always captures the necessary data required for a particular patient as well as provides your back office staff real-time KPIs via interactive dashboards. Moreover, KanTime works seamlessly on any point of care device be it iOS, Android, or Windows-based, both online and offline. For more information visit or call us at (408) 615-8880.

About Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care

Heart ‘n Home Hospice & Palliative Care is a local company established on the rural values of hard work and a foundation of integrity. Family-owned and operated, Heart ‘n Home was established in March of 2004 and became Medicare Certified on June 17, 2004. Our core philosophy is to optimize the quality of life for individuals in the final stages of a terminal illness. The Heart ‘n Home ethic and focus of “doing what’s right” has allowed us to flourish and grow to be one of the leading hospice providers in Idaho and Oregon. This is the epitome of what Heart ‘n Home is all about. We strive to do what is right for our patients and families, and treasure the privilege of walking people to the gates of eternity.

Heart ‘n Home affirms life by providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support to our patients and to those who love and care for them. Through modeling and mentoring our passion and purpose for staff, patients, families, and communities served, we aspire to be recognized nationally as the school of hospice promoting excellence in life and end-of-life care.