New York, NY (February 13, 2023) – KanTime, a web-based agency management system in widespread use across private duty, home health, pediatric, hospice, and palliative care centers, announced today its new preferred partnership with Nevvon, an all-in-one e-training solution for home and health care agencies.

With its advanced scheduling engine, human resource management, clinical management, and complete e-billing solutions, the Kantime platform allows service provider agencies to deliver quality care while achieving strategic business goals. The partnership with Nevvon will allow KanTime’s customers to gain new efficiencies in orchestrating compliance training for caregivers.

“The Nevvon platform simplifies the life of an agency manager,” said Allan Levine, Nevvon’s SVP of Revenue and Growth. “A combination of automation, dashboards and alert notifications significantly reduces the amount of time and manual input usually associated with managing caregivers’ training compliance,” he added.

Purpose-designed specifically for caregiver training, the Nevvon platform makes it easy for home and healthcare workers to access and complete all required compliance training. “And when caregivers complete their training in Nevvon, the KanTime platform is automatically updated,” said Levine.

“We’re very excited about the new integration with Nevvon.” says Kantime. “Our brand is built on the idea of creating operational efficiencies while still providing quality care. Nevvon’s mantra of “better training, better care” fits right into the KanTime philosophy, and by removing a tedious, time-consuming task for agency managers, the Nevvon solution adds instant value to the KanTime platform.”

“What’s nice too is that Nevvon’s e-training is designed specifically for today’s home and health care workers: it’s easy to use; it features highly engaging and relevant training content; and its plain English modules are also available in eight other languages.”

“Reaching caregivers in their native language is a real key to Nevvon’s success. So too are partnerships like this one,” says Nevvon CEO James Cohen. “KanTime is a highly respected company whose products and services reach across the healthcare continuum. We’re thrilled to announce this new partnership!”

About Nevvon

Nevvon is an all-in-one e-training solution trusted to help home care agencies achieve regulatory compliance while saving time and money, and empowering caregivers with the knowledge and confidence they need to make their patients’ lives better. Click here to set up a demo today!

About KanTime

KanTime Healthcare Software is an American healthcare technology company that is the fastest-growing post-acute software provider in the nation, with over 1.4M patients, 300,000 users, $18.4B in processed claims, and 172M annual visits. We provide cloud-based enterprise software to home health, hospice, pediatric, private duty, palliative, and consumer-directed services agencies. KanTime helps agencies improve clinical compliance, increase operations efficiency, and achieve financial success.