KanTime ICE – Point Of Care Mobile App

May 4, 2021

KanTime ICE is a mobile point of care documentation app for clinicians in the field. The app works both connected and disconnected to the Internet on iOS, Android, and Windows devices for home health, hospice, private duty, and pediatric agencies.

Empower your clinicians with KanTime’s point of care app, KanTime ICE, the only point of care app that seamlessly integrates ease of use with regulatory compliance, while being platform agnostic.

When it comes to ease of use, only KanTime ICE allows you to quickly document against patient records with minimal typing because relevant information is automatically pre-populated. Easily check-in and check-out, track mileage, capture patient signatures, and see which tasks to perform for every visit.

Never again sacrifice clinician ease of use for compliance. Intelligent forms within the app can guide clinicians to follow best practices and document against all required fields prior to submission, increasing the accuracy of data captured at the point of care. This in turn reduces the risk of reimbursement losses and audit deficiencies as well as virtually eliminates your back office QA time.

Enjoy complete, consistent, and compliant care with KanTime.

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