KanTime Hospice Software

May 4, 2021

KanTime Hospice Software, which was built by industry veterans, provides hospice agencies with an integrated point-of-care and back-office system that ensures intuitive, robust, and compliant processes.


KanTime Hospice Software was built in collaboration with hospice agencies and other industry veterans who understand the challenges that the hospice industry faces today.

The goal was to develop a hospice software that would help agencies streamline all their processes from point-of-care to the back-office.

With that in mind, KanTime has developed a unique set of hospice features including seamless IDT management workflow, auto collection and reporting of the Hospice Item Set elements for Hospice Quality Reporting Program, customizable bereavement management, HIPAA-compliant volunteer management, and much more.

Enjoy simplified billing that allows you to quickly and accurately manage hospice benefit periods and even track non-billable services like volunteer hours. Also, get in-depth financial reports that give you clarity into your revenue cycle, permit month-end hard closes, and even roll up across all your branches and service lines.

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