Introduction to KanTime

May 4, 2021

Introduction to KanTime!

KanTime is an enterprise class post acute software company that covers home health, pediatric, private duty and hospice software. That’s why we’re the perfect solution for all kinds of agencies from single, multi-branch, multi-state, to multi-business.


KanTime is the most comprehensive enterprise agency management software on the market that covers the entire continuum of care including Home Health, Pediatrics, Hospice, and Private Duty both skilled and non-medical. KanTime handles both intermittent and continuous care for for any certification period, any program, and any payer.

Built for single, multi-branch, multi-state, and multi-business agencies, KanTime will help you grow and support your needs as your agency expands.

KanTime is different than other softwares, as it was built on two core principles that are “Do It Right the First Time,” and “Manage by Exception.”

“Do It Right the First Time,” ensures your staff collects, reviews, and submits all documentation in a timely manner so that you remain 100% compliant with all State & Federal regulations.

“Manage by Exception,” provides each member of your organization with customized role based dashboards with real-time actionable alerts, so they can perform their duties while monitoring agency operations.

Hundreds of agencies across the nation use KanTime everyday to improve compliance, increase efficiency, and most importantly deliver quality care to their patients.

Thank you for watching our Introduction to KanTime. 

KanTime is Imagination Realized. Join KanTime today!