A Mark of Uncompromised Security: How Kantime Earned SOC2 Certification

January 25, 2024

To add to its growing list of achievements, KanTime recently earned SOC 2 Type II certification for its secure software solutions. But what exactly is SOC 2 certification and what does this mean for KanTime users?

Dive into this blog to discover the significance of SOC 2, how KanTime obtained this prestigious certification, and why it reinforces our commitment to delivering secure and reliable solutions for the post-acute care industry.

What is SOC 2 Certification?

Developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), SOC 2 certification has become the gold standard for software organizations handling sensitive client information. SOC 2, or Service Organization Control 2, is a rigorous framework designed to ensure the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of data. These standards combine to establish what is known as the SOC 2 Trust Service Criteria.

SOC 2 was designed to provide auditors with guidance for assessing the overall effectiveness of an organization’s security protocols. SOC 2 reports are generated after a SOC 2 audit and can help build trust among customers looking for organizations with the most secure data management qualifications.

KanTime’s Dedication to Data Security: Understanding SOC 2 Certification

Becoming SOC 2 certified was a comprehensive process that required KanTime to demonstrate a high level of commitment to data security and operational integrity. It started with a thorough understanding of the SOC 2 criteria and the applicable Trust Service Principles. KanTime then conducted a meticulous internal review, starting with a pre-assessment or gap analysis, to identify areas where their practices diverged from SOC 2 standards. Next KanTime implemented rigorous changes to align its policies, procedures, and systems with these standards. These changes included enhancing security protocols, refining data handling processes, and updating documentation. Once these changes were in place, KanTime underwent a detailed audit conducted by a qualified independent auditor.

The recent SOC 2 certification of KanTime’s software signifies its unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest level of security in the digital healthcare solutions space. This esteemed certification validates that KanTime has implemented stringent controls and safeguards to protect the confidentiality and integrity of client data.

Benefits of Working with a SOC2 Accredited Organization

Choosing to work with a SOC 2 accredited organization means choosing the most secure community healthcare solution on the market. Here are some of the main benefits agencies can expect when partnering with a SOC 2 accredited business:

Enhanced Security Measures: SOC 2 accreditation demonstrates that KanTime has implemented robust security measures to safeguard client data against unauthorized access.

Increased Trust and Confidence: Clients can trust KanTime’s software solutions, knowing that they meet the industry’s strictest security standards.

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations: SOC 2 accreditation ensures that KanTime follows data protection regulations, providing peace of mind to both clients and end-users.

Continuous Improvement: Achieving SOC 2 certification is not a one-time event. It reflects KanTime’s commitment to continuous improvement in security measures and processes.

Secure Post-Acute Care Solutions at Your Fingertips

This SOC 2 certification is a testament to KanTime’s dedication to providing cutting-edge, secure software solutions. By choosing KanTime, healthcare organizations can be confident that their sensitive data is handled with the utmost care and in compliance with the industry’s most stringent security standards.

In securing SOC 2 certification, KanTime has taken a significant step forward in ensuring the security and integrity of our software solutions. As we continue to innovate and meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry, our commitment to providing secure and reliable software remains unwavering. Join us in celebrating this milestone and learn more about the impact of SOC 2 certification on healthcare technology by contacting our team.

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