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The healthcare industry is ever evolving – with changing rules and regulations forcing agencies to shift processes to stay in compliance. Learn from our experts and keep your agency up to date with all things post-acute care and home health technology by exploring our available resources.

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How Better Happens – Understanding KanTime’s EMR Software Features

KanTime is an enterprise-based software solution that provides cloud-based software to home health, hospice, pediatric, private duty, palliative, and consumer-directed services agencies.  We have crafted this document to help agencies better understand the features inside KanTime’s EMR platforms and why we are the nation’s fastest-growing EMR Software.


Agile Solution That Prepares You For Change

KanTime has a fully integrated agile solution that has been built from the ground up to help you eliminate paperwork, streamline workflows, and reduce risk.


Customer Testimonials about KanTime Healthcare Software

Come check out why agencies are switching over to KanTime Healthcare Software.

Knowledge Is Power – Success Starts with KanTime.


Patient Transition of Care and Home Health Agencies

The importance of a well-planned patient transition of care between hospital discharges and home health care helps avoid re-hospitalizations, especially for those elderly patients with multiple medical conditions. Unplanned readmissions often times indicate a failure in one (or all) of these areas: Discharge practices or processes of hospitals Poor communication of care plan to home […]


Compliance Risks Pertinent To Home Health Agencies

How is your Home Health Agency (HHA) complying with state and federal compliance regulations and standards? This might seem like a loaded question. That’s partly because it is. In this blog, we’re going to look into some compliance risks that could happen in your day-to-day operations, and how to avoid such noncompliance. When an agency […]


CMS Star Rating System: Are you a 5-Star Provider?

On July 16, 2015, CMS announced that it would adopt a quality of patient care star rating system. Similar to what is used on online retail sites and restaurant review websites, the star rating system will give consumers a quick and easy way to compare provider quality. The star ratings are aimed to help summarize […]


The RAC Audit: Beware

How often have you or an HHA that you know, undergone a CMS Audit? These days it’s becoming more popular for the government to audit HHAs on the grounds of overpayment, no or insufficient documentation, incorrect coding, fraudulent activities, or any one of ten other things. In 2013 alone, CMS has recouped over $3.1 billion […]


What is Home Health Value Based Purchasing?

What is Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP)? Read this white paper to understand more about what home health value-based purchasing is, how it will affect your agency and how you can plan and execute an effective strategy to seize this opportunity.

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Are You Working For Your EMR?

Are You Working For Your EMR? Find out whether it’s time for your agency to look for a new home health software. Here are the 5 signs to watch out for.

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Home Health Labor Shortage: 7 Strategies to Help Your Agency

Learn 7 strategies you can employ to stem the effects of the home health labor shortage.


Regarding the Medicare Cost Report: Key Tips to Success

Key Tips for Success Regarding the Medicare Cost Report KanTime Tips for Success: March 2021 TOPIC: Success Regarding Medicare Cost Report BIG changes for CY 2020 reporting and beyond!   There are numerous, significant changes that home health agencies must address to properly complete the Medicare Cost Report (MCR) for CY2020. In this session, John Reisinger, […]


Home Health Forecast – A Look at 2021 & Beyond

Home Health Forecast for 2021 and Beyond (Feb. 2021): In this whitepaper about the Home Health Forecast for 2021 and beyond, co-sponsored by HealthRev Partners and KanTime, they discuss: Operational Challenges Patient Care Challenges, The CARES Act Looking Ahead and more Want to learn more? Come check out KanTime’s website or request a custom demo […]