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The healthcare industry is ever evolving – with changing rules and regulations forcing agencies to shift processes to stay in compliance. Learn from our experts and keep your agency up to date with all things post-acute care and home health technology by exploring our available resources.

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How Better Happens – Understanding KanTime’s EMR Software Features

KanTime is an enterprise-based software solution that provides cloud-based software to home health, hospice, pediatric, private duty, palliative, and consumer-directed services agencies.  We have crafted this document to help agencies better understand the features inside KanTime’s EMR platforms and why we are the nation’s fastest-growing EMR Software.


Agile Solution That Prepares You For Change

KanTime has a fully integrated agile solution that has been built from the ground up to help you eliminate paperwork, streamline workflows, and reduce risk.


Customer Testimonials about KanTime Healthcare Software

Come check out why agencies are switching over to KanTime Healthcare Software.

Knowledge Is Power – Success Starts with KanTime.


Put Analytics to Work for Your Organization

    A version of this blog was originally published in April of 2020. We have updated the content to reflect the latest in the healthcare landscape. According to a recent study, the global healthcare analytics market was valued at $25.9B in 2019, and is expected to grow at a rate of 7.5% from 2020 […]


What is Electronic Visit Verification?

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) has become a hot topic in the home health industry as all states must implement EVV for Medicaid-paid clinical services by January 2023.  Most states have implemented EVV for their non-clinical services, targeted after several delays for a 1/1/2021 implementation. Some states have already chosen to implement EVV for both clinical […]


How to Choose the Best Home Health Care Software

Home Care Software Solution: What You Need to Know to Choose the Right EMR with Kristen Duell   Choosing the best home care software solution, an EMR, is hands-down, one of the biggest decisions an agency will make and it affects everything from daily workflow and documentation to billing and posting payments. Whether starting out […]


Is Your Agency Struggling with Home Healthcare Scheduling Software?

Has your agency ever experienced the struggle of scheduling the right clinician for the right patient? An important step in providing quality post acute care is having the right home healthcare scheduling software. Without the right tools in your EMR, scheduling becomes frustrating, stressful, and disorganized.  In this article, we will discuss the challenges that […]


Tired of Your Clinicians Not Renewing Their Qualifications On Time?

Has your agency’s HR department become tired and frustrated having to track down every clinician when their qualification renewal expires?  Renewable items tracking can be a tiresome process when your agency doesn’t have an EMR that can alert clinicians that their qualification has expired. Let alone making sure that the clinicians renew them on time […]


How to Choose the Right EMR for Your Agency

On HealthRev’s podcast (hosted by Hannah Vale and Michael Greenlee), Kristen Duell, EVP at KanTime, discussed what agencies should be asking themselves when it comes to choosing the right EMR for them.  A few EMR topics she goes over are: User friendliness How an EMR should grow and scale with an agency Payer diversification Billing […]


Key Takeaways from the August Panel Discussion

This month’s webinar focused on a very important topic: your people. KanTime, Swift Medical, SimiTree, and Intrepid USA teamed up to discuss retention, reimbursement, and regulation. Retention is Vital  Let’s be honest: last year was terrible for so many. No one is eager to sign up for a repeat. Through the thick of it though, […]


Post – Acute Care Forecast: A Look at 2021 and Beyond

In this e-book KanTime will be discussing a Post-Acute Care Forecast. We look into: How COVID has challenged the post-acute care industry What has changed A look at 2021 and beyond If you would like to learn more about KanTime, check out our resouces page or request a demo today!


Swift Medical, Intrepid USA, SimiTree & KanTime Webinar

KanTime, SimiTree, Intrepid USA, and Swift Medical participated in a webinar on August 26, 2021.

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Retention, Reimbursement, and Regulation Webinar Powerpoint

Click here to download the Retention, Reimbursement and Regulation PDF!


KanTime and Notifyd Are Preferred Partners

         KanTime and Notifyd have a system integration and our customers have seen the efficiencies the integration has created. Our main goal is to make agencies’ lives easier while also staying compliant. With Notifyd’s technology, clinicians and back-office staff can easily communicate from within KanTime and without having to open another platform. […]

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Home Health Review Choice Demonstration FAQ

In this article, we address frequently asked questions about what home health review choice demonstration is and how your agency can prepare.   Challenge Question 1   Q: Why is CMS conducting the Review Choice Demonstration?   A: To improve the incidence and reduce the amount of fraud and abuse in Medicare’s Home Health benefit […]