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The healthcare industry is ever evolving – with changing rules and regulations forcing agencies to shift processes to stay in compliance. Learn from our experts and keep your agency up to date with all things post-acute care and home health technology by exploring our available resources.

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Knowledge Is Power – Success Starts with KanTime.

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Self Direction Software for Your Agency

In this infosheet, we address the benefits and features of KanTime’s Self Direction care. If you would like to learn more about Self Direction care, visit our website or request a demo today!  

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Pediatric Software for Your Agency

KanTime’s Pediatric Software helps your agency deliver quality patient care while also staying in compliance. We are also known as the The Gold Standard for Pediatric Home Health Software. In this infosheet, we discuss the features and benefits of KanTime’s Pediatric software. In addition, check out our other Pediatric resources: Pediatric Therapy and the Never […]

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What is Hospice Software?

The hospice landscape is unique, and your agency needs the right solution to help you manage the complexities of patient needs, interdisciplinary care teams, back-office, and regulatory requirements. KanTime provides an innovative and intelligent solution that helps you optimize and streamline all aspects of your hospice agency while staying in complete compliance. In this infosheet, […]

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KanTime Palliative Care Software

  In this infosheet, we address the benefits and features of KanTime’s Palliative Care software. Also, check out our KanTime Table Talk about Palliative Care. If you would like to learn more about palliative care, visit our website or request a demo today!      

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Private Duty Software Delivering Quality Patient Care

As aging populations transition to in-home care, private duty software is more prevalent than ever. KanTime helps meet the demands of patients while providing the best possible care. In this infosheet, we review the benefits and features of KanTime’s Private Duty Software.  If you want to learn more about home care software, check out our […]

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How Better Happens with Home Healthcare Software

Home healthcare software built by home health professionals for home health professionals. KanTime can help your agency crush the competition while growing at the same time. KanTime’s home healthcare software provides the right tools and helps providers improve compliance, enhance workflow, and boost financial success. In this infosheet, we review the benefits and features of […]

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KanTime and Notifyd Integration

         KanTime and Notifyd’s systems are integrated and our customers have seen the efficencies the integration has created. Our main goal is to make agencies’ lives easier while also staying compliant. With Notifyd’s technology, clinicians and back office staff can easily communicate from within KanTime and without having to open another platform. […]

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Home Health Review Choice Demonstration FAQ

In this article, we address frequently asked questions about what home health review choice demonstration is and how your agency can prepare.   Challenge Question 1   Q: Why is CMS conducting the Review Choice Demonstration?   A: To improve the incidence and reduce the amount of fraud and abuse in Medicare’s Home Health benefit […]

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Review Choice Demonstration Webinar Slides

KanTime and Ability hosted a webinar on RCD and how important it is. A few features discussed in the webinar were: What is RCD Why should you care? The impact on your business What to do to prepare and more! If you would like to learn more about RCD and KanTime check out our website […]

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KanTime Implementation: Our 5 Step Train the Trainer Approach

No need to stress over KanTime implementation. Implementing or switching to a new EMR system can be confusing – leading to costly delays if done improperly. Due to the complex nature of the process, our team has developed a five-step Train the Trainer approach that ensures your system is configured and up and running to […]