Pediatric services require a specialized approach, unique to each specific program. Moreover, it requires extensive hospital-like charting, tracking, and management of clinical information. KanTime fully understands these program differences and provides you with the tools you need to manage pediatric home health services, regardless of the payer or program.

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  • Access all clinical records from one central web-based system.
  • Fully automated QA process for complete chart audits and reduced back office staff requirements.
  • Clinicians can use any device such as iPads, Android tablets, Windows tablets, or even laptops for completing notes from patient homes.
  • Manage pediatric home health nursing for both continuous and intermittent care.
  • Chart multiple interventions, track input/output, manage ventilator and seizure logs, with comprehensive medication management.
  • Automated compliance from plan of care ensures your notes audit themselves in real-time.
  • Interdisciplinary care coordination extends across the entire care continuum.
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  • Template based documentation for SN, PT, OT, and ST assessment and daily notes.
  • Clinical documentation is rule-based and workflow driven.
  • Pediatric home health therapy allows monitoring of long term and short term goals along objective trending graphs for outcomes.
  • KanTime has a full library of standardized tests that your therapist can utilize to assist with their documentation efforts.
  • Auto manage and generate state based authorization request forms, with automatic eligibility checks.
  • Create shift/visit schedules, track service delivery and automate payroll processing.
  • KanTime’s Family Portal enables parents to easily view their child’s medical records.
  • Complete billing and accounts receivable with auto posting of remittance advice.
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  • On-site in-person and online trainings available at your convenience.
  • Unlimited customer support for you and your field staff.
  • Extensive online help with KanTime University’s training videos, manuals, and exercises.

KanTime is the best Point of Care system that we have found. It is feature rich and easy to use. The KanTime team responds quickly to any changes, issues, or updates needed in the system. The system keeps up with State and Federal laws. KanTime listens to what the customer wants and then delivers it to them.”

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KanTime is imagination realized. What do you imagine for your agency?