KanTime ICE (Independent Caregiver Engagement) is a mobile point of care documentation solution for clinicians in the field. Available across a wide array of operating systems including iOS (Apple), Android (Google), and Windows (Microsoft), KanTime works both online, connected to the Internet or cellular data, and offline. Use KanTime ICE for your home health, private duty, pediatric, or hospice agency today.

The only point of care app that seamlessly integrates ease of use with regulatory compliance


Documentation at the point of care increases accuracy of the data and subsequently improves patient safety. According to a recent survey, a clinician’s accuracy of the OASIS answers is only 62% accurate after waiting 4 hours to document after the assessment. With KanTime, you can rest assured that clinicians will fill and submit documentation in a timely manner, ensuring the highest accuracy of data. Furthermore, KanTime ICE performs validation checks with the help of our intelligent forms that guide clinicians to capture the correct information for each patient.


KanTime ICE allows your agency to remotely monitor all devices being used in the field. If a clinician loses a mobile device, quickly wipe all data from that device remotely, ensuring complete PHI security. Additionally, when working offline, KanTime ICE stores all PHI on the device, but once you are connected to the Internet and upload your files to KanTime, we automatically purge your device of any sensitive PHI. KanTime ensures that your agency remains within the strictest HIPAA compliance standards.

We were able to save over $6,000 a month thanks to KanTime ICE’s offline capability, which meant we no longer required expensive monthly data plans for the field clinician’s tablets.”

Gerri G

Director of Operations

KanTime is imagination realized. What do you imagine for your agency?