Rest Assured That Your Visits Will Be Verified

The KanTime Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) feature allows you to verify visits at the point of care. Since KanTime EVV is built into KanTime Enterprise Agency Platform, the workflow is seamless and easy. Provide administrators real-time oversight and immediate verification that visits have taken place and showcase the great work clinicians do with KanTime EVV. Our secure EVV feature also helps you eliminate risk and costly regulatory fees by helping you record the care you provide your patients.

Proof Of Care At The Point Of Care

  • Capture patient signatures at the point of care
  • Record the exact date, time, and location of each visit
  • Verify employee compliance with scheduled care plan and document the duration of visits
  • Built-in geofencing capability allows caregivers to clock-in and clock-out only when they are located within a pre-defined radius of the patient’s home

Scheduling & Communication

  • View pending, submitted, and upcoming schedules to help you stay organized
  • Efficiently update care schedules based on patient needs for faster care delivery
  • Securely communicate with other staff members with KanTime’s internal messaging feature

Available On

  • KanTime Telephony allows you to verify a visit without a smartphone or tablet. All you need is a landline and our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system provides a quick and reliable way for caregivers to verify their visit
  • KanTime ICE is an offline app for home health and hospice providers that allows clinicians to verify their visit at the point of care, among other features, and is available on iOS, Android, and Windows tablets
  • KanTime Mobile is an app for home care providers that allows caregivers to electronically provide proof of care at the point of care, among other features, and is available on iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones

KanTime EVV has helped us verify hundreds of thousands of visits over the years. Whether you want to verify a visit with a landline or mobile device, KanTime has you covered.”

Mike B

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