KanTime customers now have access to a Voice AI which guides skilled clinicians to complete CMS (OASIS) and other clinical documentation in a fraction of the time it typically takes.

Dallas, TX, December 12, 2023: KanTime, the most comprehensive longitudinal EMR software provider, announced the availability of an OASIS Start of Care (SOC) and a Pre-Visit Assistant (PVA) Voice AI bot, offered by its preferred partner, ybot. The SOC bot uses ybot’s Voice AI to complete the full OASIS-E set of questions in as little as 10 minutes, directly populating the report into KanTime. The PVA bot ensures continuity of care by summarizing patient record data to a clinician right before any home health visit.

“Clinical documentation and specifically CMS required OASIS documentation has increased the burden on evaluating clinicians and is the number one reason cited by clinicians for their decision to leave home health nursing. We believe that the use of Voice AI through our partnership with ybot will significantly reduce this burden, improving efficiency and compliance. We are excited to work with ybot to apply this technology to other healthcare use cases and thus enable clinicians in the field to be able to spend more time doing what they love, providing care.”

– Sundar Kannan, CEO, KanTime

Currently, CMS estimates that on average it takes over 57 minutes to complete OASIS documentation for a Start of Care visit. With ybot’s Voice AI technology, the documentation can be completed in 10-12 minutes. Clinicians can complete the documentation using ybot while travelling to their next appointment, eliminating the need to spend time at home or after hours catching up on the day’s required documentation.

“As the proliferation of artificial intelligence begins to transform every aspect of work, ybot has pioneered intelligent voice co-pilots and is bringing about a new way of work-enablement – giving rise to what we affectionately call, super_employees. We are excited to be introducing our technology to the KanTime ecosystem.”

– Tomer Garzberg, Co-founder & CEO, ybot

ybot is continuously releasing additional bots to assist clinicians through the entire patient-clinician lifecycle. ybot’s bots are proven to expedite the completion of critical work tasks, improving the experience of clinicians and ultimately improving retention.

About KanTime

KanTime Healthcare Software is the fastest growing post-acute software provider in the nation. We provide cloud-based enterprise software to home health, hospice, pediatric, private duty, and consumer directed services agencies. KanTime helps agencies improve clinical compliance, increase operations efficiency, and achieve financial success. KanTime works seamlessly on any point of care device be it iOS, Android, or Windows based, both online and offline. Additionally, KanTime offers robust business intelligence tools that allow upper level management to drill down into various clinical, financial, and operational KPIs and take action.

For more information visit kantime.com or contact sales@kanrad.com for a demo.

About ybot

ybot is a Voice AI-powered automation platform that supports deskless workers to do mission-critical work the right way, at speed. ybot interfaces with most cloud-based back office platforms, delivers personalized frontline guidance, streams real time structured data back to the office, enables automated decisions, and triggers actions across platforms – all with simple voice commands. ybot solves business problems with autonomous voice ‘bots’. A bot is a hyper-configurable series of trained commands, guided dialog, real time data input and output, and automations. These bots are summoned by deskless workers through a voice interface that can surface as either a standalone application, embedded into an existing application, or via the web.

For more information about ybot, visit ybot.com or email sales@ybot.com for a demo.