Demystifying Deprescribing Panel Discussion

During this panel, discussion industry experts Wendie Colvin, MSN, RN, Maria Wharton MHA, BSN, RN, COS-C, David Bougher, RN, BSN, and Deanna Heath, RN will answer questions on deprescribing.

Our discussion will include: 

  • Tips on discussing deprescribing with the patient and family using the FRAME format
  • How to approach the patient’s physician about deprescribing
  • How do you explain the typical patient outcomes that are seen when deprescribing occurs? 
  • Is it best to just stop the medications or is tapering better?
  • What challenges do hospice and palliative care clinicians typically experience during the deprescribing process?
  • Is the benefit vs burden conversation different when deprescribing medications that are doing nothing vs medications that are/may be causing harm?
  • Does technology play a role in managing deprescribing and what should you look for in a good partner? 
Event Details
DATE December 7 - December 7, 2021
Event Time
TIME 11 - 12 pm EST