Project Manager

Reports To: Project Director
Location: San Antonio, TX
Position Type: Full-Time/Regular


A Project Manager is responsible for supporting a project Director in the implementation of new customers, assisting with their exit from their existing EMR or operational systems, the migration of information and adoption of processes resulting in a successful transition of the customer’s organization onto the KanTime platform. The Project Manager must demonstrate attention to detail, task driven accomplishments, critical thinking skills, and risk mitigation skills. Lead by the Project Director, the project manager will be responsible for understanding and interpreting customer organizational objectives, identifying and migrating all appropriate data from existing systems to KanTime, configuration of KanTime per the agencies requirements, and training of all aspects of each implementation. The Project Manager will support the Project Director in tasks defined as part of a project plan.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Function as a highly engaged team member to Lead successful implementation projects of KanTime Software.
  • Ability to follow a project plan and be agile to circumstances that may require slight deviations.
  • Master KanTime Implementation Project Management processes and procedures
  • Successfully guide & train customer through the KanTime Implementation Steps and Activities as defined by Kantime leadership.
  • Manage customer expectations, contingencies, and support tickets throughout their life in implementation.


  • Business Savvy –an understanding of the inner structure and workings of Home Health and/or Hospice Organizations
  • Rich People Skills – an ability to manage people from all segments of the client organization, consistently framing and meeting their delivery expectations. This includes Corporate C-Level Leaders, Sole Proprietors, Department Heads of all divisions as well as line staff members.
  • Time-Management, Organization, and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Aptitude - Ability to learn and institute new concepts.
  • De-escalation techniques