KanTime PaaS


The all-in-one healthcare solution that effortlessly bridges the gap between employee and employer payroll management.


Gain peace of mind knowing our comprehensive tools give you the freedom to resolve any inconsistency you might encounter while managing your healthcare payroll services.


Field staff can team up with your back office for a more proactive way to fix payroll issues, while learning to anticipate them before they happen.


Take the stress out of managing your scheduled payments by running them through a single point of access system, comparing them against previous payment histories in real time.

Payroll Services that Ensure Compliance and Drive Success

Navigating the complexities of healthcare payroll services as a business manager can lead to missed information. KanTime solves tricky payroll challenges with an all-in-one solution—our advanced payroll services. Each tool is purpose-built, catering to distinct aspects of your payment systems. Our PaaS features give employees the power to manage their clinical documentation and verify accurate payroll activity, streamlining and simplifying the entire healthcare payroll process.

Payroll Services that Ensure Compliance and Drive Success

Clinician Lock Pay Period

Clinicians can effortlessly ensure accurate compensation with our intuitive tools, which allow for seamless tracking of timesheets set for payment and easy identification of those requiring managerial review. This system guarantees that no payment is missed, maintaining both efficiency and satisfaction in the payment process.

Lock with Dispute Tools

Build solid communication between departments by locking pay rate disputes and reporting them directly to management in real time.

Payroll Preview and Real-time Review

Our system simplifies employees’ review of pending payments with an intuitive green and red check system, offering clear visual cues. This, coupled with concise preview summaries and the ability to dispute errors, ensures a smooth process as the employer-set grace period nears.

Centralized Access to Database

Empower employees to participate in the verification process by identifying and flagging potential payroll errors through our centrally accessible payroll portal designed for proactive efficiency.

Optimize Your Payroll Process with the #1 Longitudinal Care EMR

At KanTime, we make it our mission to streamline all aspects of your agency operations so you can focus on providing quality care. KanTime’s advanced PaaS tools work seamlessly with our entire suite of post-acute care solutions, ensuring greater efficiency, better compliance, and higher revenues from day one. Request a free demo and start realizing your agency’s full potential.