Brand Assets

The elements of our brand’s visual identity.

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Care Type Logos

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Physician House Calls


Use these color proportions in any layout or collateral design. For the most part headers should be done in the three primary colors, a tint of the color can be used if needed.

Care type colors can be used as accent colors for smaller headers, buttons, and graphic elements in relation to the care types.

HEX: #00386c
RGB: 0 56 108
CMYK: 100 85 32 18

HEX: #6bd1dd
RGB: 107 209 221
CMYK: 52 0 15 0

HEX: #c7c8ca
RGB: 109 200 202
CMYK: 22 17 16 0

HEX: #fdb713
RGB: 246 186 44
CMYK: 9 28 95 0

HEX: #d3672e
RGB: 211 103 46
CMYK: 13 71 96 2

HEX: 3#abb60
RGB: 58 187 96
CMYK: 73 0 85 0

HEX: #4ab6dc
RGB: 74 182 220
CMYK: 63 9 6 0

HEX: #7e4592
RGB: 126 69 146
CMYK: 52 0 15 0

HEX: #85d3c4
RGB: 133 211 196
CMYK: 46 0 29 0

Physician House Calls
HEX: #fc4c4c
RGB: 252 76 76
CMYK: 0 85 68 0


Two primary fonts used by KanTime are Lato and Raleway. Body copy color should always be #666. The only exception is when being placed on a colored or image background. 

Standard font size 16px.

Lato – Primary



Raleway – Secondary



Heading 1 Lorem Ipsum et Dolor

Heading 2 in Top Banner

Heading 2 in Page Content

Heading 3 Lorem Ipsum et Dolor

Heading 4 Lorem Ipsum et Dolor

Image Treatment

Images should include the square graphic to create a layered look. Two opposite corners should be rounded, while the other two stay at a 90 degree angle. Images for non care type pages should use the primary colors as accents, images on care type pages can use the specified care type color.

Also utilized throughout site is a solid color banner with the KanTime “+” icon used as a subtle pattern.

Blue Banner Background

Blue Banner Example

Gray Banner

Gray Banner Example


Icons used throughout site will have a low opacity “+” behind the icon graphic. All icons are considered line icons (outlines only) with small filled areas as an accent.

Main page icons will be the primary dark blue with teal accents and have the light gray “+” in the background. Care type pages will be coordinated with the associated brand color – the background “+” should be lighter opacity of the associated color, the main icon will be the primary dark blue with the associated care type color as an accent.

Isometric Graphics

Isometrics are used sparingly on the care type pages in the features section tab titles.