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KanTime has a fully integrated suite of products that have been built from the ground up to help you eliminate paperwork, streamline workflows, and reduce risk.

Post acute healthcare executives must work hard to maintain the quality of patient care in the face of growing demand and dwindling resources. It’s a challenge to say the least. Resources are often decentralized and accuracy and privacy are an absolute requirement. Agencies and executives need to rely on technology they can trust to help streamline their workflows and become proactive at compliance. They also need useful data aggregation resulting in efficient resource management. They need the best technology partner available. A technology partner that can grow and change with them. And that is where there is sometimes a problem. Some software companies acquire technology piece by piece stitching them together creating a monster. These modules are then bolted together as best they could be but what if the parts and pieces didn’t play well together? What if they didn’t even talk to each other? The gaps in the system had to be filled by paperwork. This meant more work instead of less, slower routines instead of faster, and greater risk instead of less. At KanTime, we understand these challenges, we help agencies adopt fully integrated interoperable systems that actually save time, offer real resource efficiencies, and handle billing and reimbursements accurately and in a timely manner. Real-time data and analytics provide leaders with the competitive edge to help them take their agency to the next level.

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