Ageless Living Home Health Increases Efficiency & Compliance with KanTime Pediatric Home Health Software

Located in San Antonio, TX, Ageless Living Home Health provides Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Skilled Nursing, Case Management, and Behavioral Health Services to clients from 0-99 years of age.  Ageless’s has pediatric nursing, pediatric therapy, and adult skilled nursing patients. Ageless serves patients in many large areas including rural underserved areas ranging from South: Jourdanton, TX, East: Hondo, TX, North: Round Rock, TX, and West: Bastrop, TX totaling an area of 8,286 square miles.

Prior to learning about KanTime, Ageless was suffering massive challenges with their previous software. They experienced disastrous issues such as loss of patient health information (PHI), software functionality issues, prolonged downtime, and customer service tickets that went unaddressed for 6-8 months. This forced them to use a system of disparate spreadsheets that had to be constantly updated. However, this approach soon became unwieldy and time consuming due to the amount of data that needed to be updated on a continual basis. Moreover, Ageless soon began receiving dozens of emails from field staff threatening to quit unless a new software system was put in place.

Enough was enough, after giving several opportunities for the previous software vendor to fix its mistakes and take responsibility; Ageless decided it was time to look for a new software vendor. Shortly afterwards, Ageless attended an annual TAHC&H conference where they kept hearing news of a true enterprise-class home health software that drastically improved operational efficiency and clinical compliance. The Administrator, Philip Thomas, met with KanTime executives during the conference and was astonished by the simplicity of the point of care and tremendous feature/functionality that eliminated routine tasks.

Philip Thomas remarked:

“What attracted us to KanTime was the professionalism of the KanTime staff. Moreover, we were impressed that the system was a true enterprise solution, which means KanTime has dedicated itself to being the best Home Care Electronic Documentation system it can be.”

Since Ageless knew the faults of their previous system, Philip knew exactly what questions to ask KanTime and was pleased with every response received. A few short weeks later, Ageless was a happy KanTime customer.

Implementation & Customer Support
As with any transition, the conversion from one system to another is rarely smooth, however, KanTime was able to walk Ageless through each step of the process so that they were up and running in a timely manner. Once Ageless started using KanTime, there was a learning curve that the staff had to work through, not because of lack of training, but because KanTime just did so much more than their previous software. For example, KanTime was able to provide Ageless with more reports, more data, and more demographics. All of the reports worked seamlessly and Ageless had to train themselves to not export the data and run it in a 3rd party software as KanTime could do everything inside the system.

When asked about KanTime’s customer service, Ageless executives stated:

“The customer service at KanTime is paramount. Everything gets answered in a quick and efficient manner and the staff is extremely friendly. We no longer have to wait months before hearing back about a software issue, KanTime responds to its customers within a day. Of course, I have a few favorite customer reps at KanTime, but honestly everyone is great.”

After implementation, Ageless started noticing dramatic improvements in their agency’s overall performance. Here are just a few ROIs that they observed:

  • Reduced time
  • Ease of use
  • Accuracy and retention of data
  • Quick onboarding of new staff
  • Organization of information

KanTime reduces time taken for everything, from Admission to Discharge, things are just easier to navigate. Additionally, the billing and R&S process is fully automated. The dashboard even directs you right to the information you need without running a bunch of time consuming reports. Items such as how many infections reports are still pending, overdue PT evaluations outstanding, and therapist’s licenses are expiring are all alerts that are available on the dashboard. With so many processes streamlined and quicker, Ageless has been able to reduce their administrative staff by 2-3 full-time employees.

In addition to reducing excessive staff, Ageless has found that the time taken to complete clinical information has reduced after switching to KanTime. Time taken to complete documentation depends upon the device used, type of patient: adult or pediatric, but generally time for a therapy evaluation is about 1 hour, OASIS takes about 30 minutes (depending on documentation needs), and routine notes take 10-15 minutes. Clinicians are able to achieve speedy completion times with KanTime because of useful features such as ‘Quick Text,’ that allows you to store and write customized responses with a click of a button.

Philip also added:

“KanTime is the best Point of Care system that we have found. It is feature rich and easy to use. The KanTime team responds quickly to any changes, issues, or updates needed in the system. The system keeps up with State and Federal laws. KanTime listens to what the customer wants and then delivers it to them.”

Apart from quick clinical documentation, Ageless is now able to bill notes literally within hours of them being completed because KanTime is truly tied into clearinghouses such as Zirmed. Billing staff can bill from anywhere at anytime. Previously, Ageless lost billing items that the billing clerk marked as “Billed” after timely filing deadlines the errors were never caught by the software. This has never happened after switching to KanTime as Ageless sees responses from the clearinghouse directly in KanTime. They know right away if the claim has been accepted, denied, or in any other status. It has saved thousands in billing errors on a quarterly basis. Even documents are no longer lost from the HER and have to be tracked down on paper.

Ageless is now able to onboard it’s new staff in a fraction of the time than before, since everything in KanTime is organized logically. Due to the tabbed system available in KanTime, even unfamiliar users can logically guess were to go next. Moreover, Ageless loves that KanTime has an incredibly efficient workflow process. Work in KanTime flows literally from Treating Therapist to Supervisor to QA to Billing and then the clearinghouse and back seamlessly. Furthermore, with KanTime’s denials & appeals tracker, Ageless can see the status of any claim at anytime with real time reporting they can see all the claims that need to be worked in one space.

Lastly, when I asked whether Ageless could have achieved the same results with their previous software, I received a resounding “Absolutely Not!” Ageless executives state that they still receive emails from colleagues having the same problems that they themselves had with the previous software. Now, Ageless recommends KanTime to anyone that asks their opinion on what home health software is best.

Right before we finished the interview, Philip declared:

“We would not have been able to grow as fast or as far without the use of KanTime. KanTime lets you focus on care, practice, and the bottom line and not about the software that runs it.”

KanTime is imagination realized. What do you imagine for your agency?